A magitek machines whose basic technomagical principles is based in the late years of Middle Empire Period. Railways constructed back then were mostly ruined in the aftermath of Great Karadian War, when the Imperium of Karadia collapsed technomagically, losing a notable chunk of tis knowledge.   The infrastructure faded away, but when Imperium managed to conquer its trauma and started expanding (or, to be exact, rediscovering) technomagic knowledge, the general idea was still there. There was enough books describing it to make recreation something rather easy. New Empire Period is marked with slow expansion of railway system that is supposed to connect at least important regions, being a much cheaper way of transporting cargo and passengers that teleportation.   While teleportation - either by Teleporters or Aether Gates - is instant, it is extremely costly, especially in case of teleporters. The cost in aether of transporting a single person makes it rather expensive when more people needs transportation. It is good in transporting a dedicated kill team to respond to a local threat, a group of adventurers, noble with his entourage, or a messenger with important news. Imperial Army division? Not so much.   Aether Gates are less costly to use, in fact costing next to nothing. However, knowledge about creating them was lost in the chaos following Great Karadian War (again, they were forgotten for the first time after the collapse of the Menorian Empire, then rediscovered briefly and forgotten again during the Dawn War). Those that remain are something of a rather strategic value, however they are only few of them in Imperium.   Even unfinished, a net of railway connection allows transporting goods and military forces (not to mention passengers) between most important regions in Imperium, allowing (if one has enough money to buy a ticket for one of them) to travel from northern Visenia to Vhessan Empire (via Elvhara, Frankia, Itavia, Hellana and Nikopol) in matter of a day or two.

Power Generation

Self-refilling mana crystals, that draw magic from the atmosphere, making it practically powered by perpetuum mobile. Absolutely costless.

Up to 75 km/h.


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