Imperial Ministry of Magic

Imperial Ministry of Magic is one of the ministries that together make up for what can be summed up as a government of Imperium of Karadia. As the rest of them it resides in the Falon-nir, the imperial capital, where it inhabits entire complex of palaces and governmental buildings.   Imperial Ministry of Magic is the supposed to oversee actions of all of imperial organizations that are directly connected to magic. Including Imperial Magic Guild, and its sattelite organizations in the vassal states, Silver Council, Imperial Inquisition, Imperial Library and Imperial Adventurers Guild.


Ministry is limited to Falon-nir. It has no organizational structures outside of it, instead relying on reports coming from other organizations and inspectors it sometimes sends to check out things a bit closer.

Public Agenda

Imperial Ministry of Magic is supposed to make sure that no magical crisis overwhelms the Imperium of Karadia. It is a central overseing organization that is organized in a way that allows Brotherhood of Crows to oversee it in turn   That's the only reason for is existence, just as of majority of imperial ministries. It simplifies the structure of imperial organizations, keeping things pretty and at least partially limiting the friction between various group to the place where Grand Emperor can calm them down with his authority.


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