Silver Council

One of the most secretive and elusive group of people in the Imperium, second only to the highest leadership of Brotherhood of Crows in that regard. That serves as a head of Imperial Magic Guild, ensuring its day to day working while beggining a sufficient mess of internal struggles and backstabbing to ensure noone has enough power to rule over vast military potential of Imperial Magic Guild.   It is also a group of most powerful magicians, aura masters and complete alchemists (and few similar persons rooted in Old Magic) in the Imperium of Karadia... and possibly in a whole world, wholy dedicated to its continued (and improved) existence.


Noone really knows how exactly Silver Council is organized aside from its outermost ring composed of 20-30 members that are serving as Council official 'faces', overseeing Imperial Magic Guild day to day work. Most of them are immensely powerful but, in fact, tend to not be overly succesful in their past career - and most of them is rather young.   It is believed that at least 3-4 times as much members lives in hiding, without exposing their true identity (sometimes, especially among the complete alchemists, acting like a simple magicians/alchemists before the rest of the world) making it part governmental council part secret society. All you have to do is to be an archmagician/Awakened Magician, powerful aura manipulator/Ascended or a complete alchemist (plus Daemon Lord, lich and so on) considered sufficiently 'imperial' and you can be (probably) contacted by them with job offer.

Public Agenda

Overseeing Imperial Magic Guild, ensuring that ambitious magicians of their calibre have proper opponents if trying to usurp power, combating daemonic and magical threats... and all of this while being a den of thievery and backstabbing to the point of not being able to become a threat to the Imperium on itself.

Governmental, Senate/Parliament


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