Imperial Inquisition

Imperial Inquisition – named after similar organization of inrithian faith – is an organization that is supposed to look after the purity of faith within the territory of Imperium of Karadia, ensuring that no heretic beliefs enter the holy body of the Imperial Temple, working tirelessly to stamp out corruption and wrong beliefs.   It is primarily tasked with screening organizations that wish to become an official part of the Temple (which is mostly a routine task) and with responding to anonymous (mostly) tips about supposed heretic beliefs showing in already screened and approved groups, they also tend to be sent to investigate religion-theme crimes, mostly by sending special investigators.


Imperial Inquisition is relatively small organization that belongs to the Imperial Ministry of Religious Affairs 'sphere of influence' – mostly due to its supposed impartiality in regards to religious matters (unlike Imperial Temple, though its 'partiality' is complicated). It is thus unconnected to any religious hierarchy.   It is, as most of the Imperium, connected to the provincional structure. Each of the province has at least a single inquisitor that is supposed to respond to for local pleas for help and intervention. They also help serving as specialists during trials of local priesthood, accused of certain crimes. They also had a head office in Falon-nir, where most of they paperwork is done and where special investigators await orders (mostly pertaining to investigation of local inquisitorial headquarters).   On the head of Inquisition as a whole is Supreme Inquisitor, sometimes also known as Lord Inquisitor, who resides in the general headquarters in Falon-nir.

Public Agenda

Public Agenda of Inquisition i, of course, ensuring that there are no heretic beliefs in the mainstream, thus preventing schisms and other religious conflicts, not to mention lowering ammount of people somehow... angry at the Gods for actions of their believers (which is a stupid thing to do but, well, it happens).   Which is achieved by many means, including auto-da-fe (the real one, not burning) and other similar penances... up to executions, normally done by secular power of Imperium for crimes discovered by Inquisition during its investigations.


Lots of very intelligent and well versed in theology and worship people, in most cases with their personal retinue of soldiers drafted from local vassals or Imperium, with whole authority of this organization behind them. This is all that is required for it to work.

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