Imperial Library

Imperial Library is the greatest collection of knowledge in whole Light. It is gigantic complex of buildings, reaching deep beneath the ground and internally divided into vast number of fragments with much diversified level of security clearance required to enter (as Imperium of Karadia knows that knowledge is power, and power you have to guard well).   It is also a full blown imperial-wide organization dedicated to preservation of knowledge, with its own local officials working alongside provincional capitals.


Imperial Library has its headquarters at the Imperial Library - as the building and the organization is really barely distinguishable. There a single copy of every book written or just published in every language native to Imperium is stored. After all, it would rather stupid if somebody summoned something with help of some tome of eldritch lore, only for the Imperium to be unable to unsummon it properly by not having access to the book.   There are also local structures of the Library, set up in provincional centers, normally staffed by a single expert on books and literature, fully capable of identifying books secured by local governments and adventurers, gladly paying for certain... literature disappearing from the world as a whole. It is rare for a completely new book to be found, but the list of books that are 'Burned On Sight' in Imperium is long and expands constantly, Imperium ready to pay money to ensure that various crazed cultists won't have it easy trying to secure such occult writings.   There are also certain special investigators of the Library, send to hunt certain books, that are personally reponsible before the Supreme Librarian, current head of Library. Plus equally special examiners sent to work beside magical anomalies, examining books and writings discovered within.

Public Agenda

Gathering and safekeeping knowledge... while ensuring that the potentialy dangerous one is less spread that it could potentially go. By copious ammount of book burning and securing to be sent on a one way route to the headquarters of Imperial Library.


They work on a side of general imperial administration, placed there to be close in case being needed. Special investigators, however, that target important and dangerous books, can call for help of any imperial organization in the area, however they see fit.

Demography and Population

Library members are partially recruited from families of present members, and partially from Imperial University, especially from those students that show genuine interests in knowledge... and either religious zeal or true imperial patriotism. Since this isn't a job for everyone.   The average number of Librarians working is pretty much unknown (Library works in secrecy) but is estimated to up to ten thousand individuals, making it one of smaller - but still important - imperial organizations.

Educational, Library
Alternative Names
Great Library.


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