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The Law of Similarity

The Law of Similarity is one of the metaphysical laws that govern the practice of Literomancy. Oversimplified, it means that "like attracts like." In order to create a magical connection, you need something that is similar to whatever you’re trying to affect or invoke. Making use of the Law of Similarity is often why spells have "material components," as they are known in tabletop roleplaying games.  


  • Voodoo dolls or poppets are similar to a human being.
  • Stuffed animals might be used to create a connection to a Werebeast of a similar type.
  • A black mirror could be used to create a portal to or from The Void.
  • A diamond or star sapphire might be used to invoke star magic.
  • A candle flame might be used to summon elemental fire.
  • Magnets or lodestones might be used to attract something you want. A classic example would be to use a gold ring and a magnet to attract money.
  • A roll of the dice or the calculation of odds might be used to influence probabilities in your favour.
  • Specific Example Cases:

  • During the Fall of Chiroptera in The Third Word War, Sable Aradia cut her palm and the palm of her sibling Prinx Tempest in a "blood brother" ritual. This bonded the two of them together so that they could access each other's powers temporarily. She then used their DNA to connect to Archon Mykola Void, her daughter, so that she and Prinx Tempest could reach out to wherever she was and teleport her to them through the use of a Tang Portal. Thus, they rescued her and her Feral Foxx from pursuit by zombies.
  • During The Third Word War, Lord GalaWight specifically tried to gather his family members into his Undead Horde so that he could increase his magical power by having them in his thrall.
  • Manifestation

    Some advanced literomancers use traditional correspondence tables to create a connection of similarity. For example, solar magic has long been invoked by using gold, and lunar magic by using silver. The reverse also holds true; because money is associated with gold in the collective subconscious, the light of the sun can be used to attract wealth.   In some traditions, complex systems of similarity have developed that form their own literomantic language, creating shortcuts that invoke complex magical effects with only a handful of symbols. Examples include, but are not limited to, astrological symbols, runes, Tarot cards, ogham, glyphs, sigils, summoning seals, and alchemical symbols. Technomancers are experimenting with the use of physics equations and the Periodic Table in similar ways. Experienced literomancers often create their own personalized systems of correspondences and symbolism.  

    Specific Example Cases:

  • AuthorGoddess uses rune magic, which was especially significant at the Battle of the Warren
  • Lord Galakrond uses sigils and seals to summon conjurations from the Void
  • To enter the Lapin Library, The Chief Rabbit turns an enchanted key in any sort of doorway, which opens a magical doorway to the Library
  • Sable Aradia makes extensive use of traditional magical correspondences to create and modify literomantic rituals
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    Tarot cards have been used by literomancers for centuries to take advantage of the Law of Similarity through magical correspondences.

    Black and white Tarot cards spread on a cloth

    Tarot by Pixabay

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    Literomancers have developed extensive tables of traditional correspondences over time: lists of things that can be used to represent something else in magic. Photos from Sable Aradia's book, The Witch's Eight Paths of Power, a book she wrote on "witchcraft" prior to the awakening of The Iron Tome.
    A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
    - Queen Sable Aradia is using her own body and blood as a focus to search for her DNA as used by The Company, whether that DNA is still contained in cells or has become a person. She is also using that DNA as a means of locating Company facilities and spying on them. This was how she located her daughter Luna.
  • Sable-rah also makes a habit of keeping clipped hair from her family members so that if she ever needs to, she can reach out, even at a distance, to find them, protect them, or heal them
  • Two people with bunny ears -- one is creating a magic portal, the other is running towards it

    Tang Portal by HeroForge

    Prinx Tempest and Queen Sable used The Law of Similarity to access each other's powers, and form a Tang Portal portal to rescue Queen Sable's daughter, Archon Mykola Void, in The Third Word War.

    Cover image: Tarot Cards by Pixabay


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