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Nite Monarq AuthorGoddess (a.k.a. Living Dead Girl) (She/her)

A woman in a black shawl on the set of a talk show

AG on the set of Let's Talk! by AuthorGoddess

AuthorGoddess is the host of the popular talk show Let's Talk, and a literomantic mercenary. She was also the second, and most recent, Night Monarch to ascend to the Icy Throne.   AuthorGoddess' show on what was then the ASC News Network (now the GOT News Network ) rose to prominence when, during the First Word War and the ongoing zombie apocalypse, she moved her platform to YouTube and stayed on the air while most of the major TV networks collapsed. Somehow between then and the start of the Second Word War, she ascended to the bitter throne of the Night Monarch. First working behind the scenes to manipulate the Houses into fighting one another, she eventually revealed herself and instituted a reign of terror, that was only stopped when all the literomantic Houses united under the Grand Alliance and the Lapin banner.   Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Tenets of Faith

First, all people are judged by what they choose, not what is out of their control.   Second, don't be a ████.   Third, find your lasagna. Your lasagna is the thing that you do well and enjoy. It is what you bring to the world, big or small, to make the world and the people you meet that much better. Everyone has a lasagna.   What's yours?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

AuthorGoddess is sensitive to sunlight, insect bites, and chemicals of all kinds. She has problems regulating her body temperature, and gravity frequently ambushes her while she is mobile.

Body Features

Several tattoos mark her skin. She wears glasses.   AuthorGoddess is a Weresphinx. In her Sphinx form, she is a white tiger Sphinx with a blue-green mohawk and multiple piercings.

Special abilities

Runic Literomancy: AuthorGoddess, a practitioner of rune magic, is capable of distilling complex story spell effects into bindrunes. This allows her to cast rapid literomantic effects at speeds that other literomancers cannot equal.   Werd Stealing: As the Nite Monarq, AuthorGoddess was capable of stealing the words of Tome Knights and other literomancers, draining them of their power and adding to her own.   Other Special Abilities: Plotting, editing, story structure, short stories, brainstorming & soundboarding.

Apparel & Accessories

AuthorGoddess often wears a black shawl. She almost always can be seen wearing lipsticks of unnatural colors.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

AuthorGoddess has always been a bit off the grid. In the first conflict, she established herself as a mercenary, helping WriterGreg's charity efforts. Despite moving from house to house, she managed to survive every culling by the undead.  
A woman's face in close-up staring down at a cell phone
The famous Let's Talk! broadcast by AuthorGoddess
As the host of Let's Talk, AG was one of the reporters to reach out right up to the very end. And that may have been her downfall. Rather than taking shelter with the other literomancers in the Zafforza Trench she attempted a more random guerilla/sniper style of fighting.   She did show up for one of the Tourneys of Tales but her presence throughout the year was sporadic at best. Those who were paying attention would have noticed moodiness, stress-reactions, long absences, and a general reluctance to commit to responsibilities.   Immediately following the second activation of the Iron Tome AG completely embraced the darkness, initiating the new Werd Stealing Affect with the spell, Werd Stealing Spell. While AuthorGoddess caught one of the most virulent cases of the Filking Plague in the Second Word War, this only seemed to bolster her powers -- and her deadly charisma. This and her warm(?) welcome to newly Turned Tome Zombies made the Undead Horde even more of a threat than before.   Who knows what will happen next time?

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Snackies, support, & big, comfy chairs.   Dislikes: Egos, narcissism, toxic positivity, & discriminatory behaviors.

Virtues & Personality perks

Insane- Er, creative. Excitable.

Vices & Personality flaws

Imposter syndrome, easily demotivated.



November 1 to December 2, 2021

Social Aptitude

AuthorGoddess was extremely popular as the Night Monarch. While certainly she intended nothing short of world domination, she was kind and devoted to the Horde, and they universally loved her. As an enemy, however, AG is a deadly foe who will stop at nothing to get what she wants -- and if what she wants is your destruction, your days are likely numbered.
Chaotic Good | Chaotic Evil
Current Status
Date of Death
October 31st(?), 2021; resurrected December 2nd, 2021
Circumstances of Death
Became the Night Monarch
Presented Sex
Hm? What? Did you say something?
Gender Identity
Dark ashy brown with silver streaks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5.972 × 10^24 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Moar werds!
— AG
All werds are good werds, progress is progress, and productivity is what you need it to be.
— AG
Race ya!
— AG
Known Languages
Bad English

A woman with blue lipstick casting a spell

Werd Stealing Spell by AuthorGoddess & Sable Aradia

Songs About AuthorGoddess & the Living Dead Girl

A woman with blue lipstick dancing wildly with frost in the foreground and the ocean in the background
AG Taken by the Filking Plague by AuthorGoddess & Sable Aradia
A woman in close-up on the set of a news show
AG on Let's Talk! by AuthorGoddess
A woman with the ocean in the background and frost in the foreground, smiling
The Living Dead Girl by AuthorGoddess & Sable Aradia

Cover image: by AuthorGoddess & Sable Aradia
Character Portrait image: The Living Dead Girl by AuthorGoddess & Sable Aradia


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