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Queen Tara's Coronation Speech

When Queen TaraFaeBelle was crowned Queen of Bats, she declared this speech to her people of House Chiroptera and the greater Literomantic world to writing and encouraging others in their writing and Literomancy.  

House Chiroptera by Dani Adventures

  I thank you all for your support these last few days. From the time I entered House Chiroptera, I have been uplifted, encouraged and motivated by you all. You have brought me smiles, warmth and laughter. You have had me worried for your health and strive for your victory. And I will continue to do so as I continue to stand with you and pledge my service to you.
  Today, I stand before House Chiroptera and the GoTverse, and am crowned as Queen of Bats. I do not take this lightly. I hope to respond in kind to your faith in the responsibilities you are handing to me. 
  These wings on my back are not just for show, nor to separate classes of winged or wingless. We have come far as a House and will continue. Let these wings carry you forwards. Let these wings represent, not just bats, but all creatures of our House of the night to continue forwards, even in adversity. With ground that cannot be walked upon, we will soar. With the cold of separation, wrap warmth around. With a fight, a shield. Let these wings represent the fortitude of our House to continue forwards through all that is thrown towards us. Let these wings carry you, when you can't carry yourself, for you have carried me to this point. 
  I have said this many a time before, and will do so again and again: Write on. Travel through the stories you create, the stories you live. WORDS HAVE POWER. We know this. We are here because of this. The literomancy we each hold is as powerful as we make it to be. Together, even more so.  Our literomancy Houses were not created to fight against each other, nor to fight against the non-literomantic world, but for each of to fight for a place to belong. So that we may have a place to call our own, where we do not need to mask or pretend or ignore the differences that each of us have. A place where we can learn to work together. Our literomancy can show beauty, and share it to others. When the need arises, I will fight for you, for my people, for my home. You are my home and for that I thank you.
  Let us write together.

Royal Cypher of Queen Tara: A gothic black R surrounded by the red letters TFB, surmounted by a golden bat and a red crystal crown

Royal Cypher of Queen Tara by Sable Aradia

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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