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Qopith is a large continent in the Jade Sea region. Its western coast borders the Jade Sea while its eastern coast faces out to the Grey Ocean. Qopith is comprised of five countries, each of which has its own distinct landscape.  


The Dark River runs across southern Qopith, from its source in Sommer Basin to the Gulf of Morning. It has two major distributaries: the Misty River, which flows south and runs between the farmlands of Atrea and the Misty Pine Forest into Trelk Bay, and the Gleam River, which flows north to the Gleam Delta and into Slumbering Bay. The Dark River is wide and deep, flowing at a relatively fast pace. Its waters are often very muddy, with a dark reddish-brown hue. When the river is clearer, one can see to the bottom of the river, which is covered in black rock and sand. The Misty River is more narrow and has many rapids, making it a difficult river for cargo ships to navigate. On the other hand, the Gleam River widens out and becomes more shallow, slowing to a much more sluggish pace. As it enters the Glades, it often overruns its banks and contributes to the marshy surroundings. Closer to the coast, the waters enter the Gleam Delta, where many smaller rivers and streams branch off and flow to Slumbering Bay. Here, the river flows so slowly that incoming tides can reverse the flow of the water, creating a wide salt marsh across most of the country of Crestan.

Qopith's northernmost region is the Glimmering Plateau, a wide plain that sits far above water level. It is named for the grass native to this area, which appears to glimmer in the sun or when covered in dew. Its northern and eastern edges end in cliffs that drop hundreds of feet to the surface of the ocean. The plateau is bordered to the south and west by the foothills of the Talons of the Sky, which are rich in clay and slate, with iron-rich deposits between some rock layers.

The Talons of the Sky are the largest mountain range in the Jade Sea area by height. They tower far above the peaks of the Araumorndin and even Kethendia. The Talons are well known for their vast supplies of iron, coal, precious gems, and rare ores. It is these mountains which fuel the economy of Ironforge and by extension, Osna.

The largest and most distinctive peak in the Talons of the Sky is Mount Iuz, a massive volcano that formed in BV 2561 with a massive explosion, and erupted once more in BV 2132, before eventually settling into a more predictable and less dangerous pattern of simply leaking lava at low but constant rates, which cools before it can cause any damage to the settlements below.

To the west of the Talons, past a wide row of foothills, lies Balihr Heath. A wide, flat expanse covered in heather and scrub, it is not a very welcoming place to settle. Despite its lack of reliable resources, however, small homesteads dot the landscape. The folk who settle on this health primarily farm sheep and goats or work in peat bogs to collect peat moss.

Balihr Heath runs from the coast in northwest Qopith past the Talons of the Sky, where it joins the Kruiln Expanse on its southeastern border. The Kruiln Expanse, much like Balihr Heath, is a barren flatland and used mostly by scattered settlers to farm livestock. This expanse has more fertile soil than its neighboring heathlands, and is covered by small, gently sloping hills covered in prairie grasses.

On the eastern side of the Kruiln Expanse, the grasses disappear into the gloom of the Glades. The Glades are a vast mangrove and salt marsh forest stretching east to the coast. Where the soil is not covered in feet or inches of water, it is damp and salty and difficult for non-native plants to grow in, making it less than ideal for any kind of agriculture. Its northeastern region, closest to the coast, is known as Cluahs Bog, and has no tree cover. It is often cloaked in heavy fog and flooded by incoming tides.

South of the Glades are the farmlands of Atrea - rich, fertile lands that stretch for miles on either bank of the Dark River. These are the primary source of most field crops in Qopith. They end at the Ocus Flatlands, a prairie very similar to Kruiln Expanse. By following the coast of Trelk Bay, on the southwest edge of these flatlands, to the west, one reaches the Misty Pine Forest, a sprawling pine forest that occupies most of Qopith's southwestern peninsula. They are the best source of lumber on the continent and home to many species of wildlife.

At the very end of the southwestern end of Qopith lies Hollow Prairie. It is so named because it used to be an extension of the forest but a sickness took hold of the trees and obliterated great swathes until folk living nearby were able to burn it away and save the majority of the forest. The trees have not regrown since and it is said that the prairie is haunted by the ghosts of tree fae that had once been tied to that part of the forest.




The country of Osna claims the majority of the Talons of the Sky and all of Glimmering Plateau in the northernmost region of Qopith. Because a majority of its land is mountainous, its main production is focused on metalwork and quarrying. It is a major exporter of iron and marble in Galactus at large, and has a large population of metalworkers, craftsmen, and jewelers in its capital city, Ironforge. Ironforge sits in a valley below Mount Iuz and as such has many measures and rules in place to protect its citizens in the event of another eruption. Osna is governed by an ergatocratic system in which the working class and laborers rule. Every citizen belonging to a guild is summoned for a turn at governance by a congress of around two hundred folk from across the country. In this congress, citizens discuss current events and work in smaller committees to create solutions to national problems.


Crestan's borders encompass the entirety of the Glades and Cluahs Bog. It is one of the smaller countries in Qopith and the least prosperous, given its unfortunate location. Although it has a designated capital, Shadowmire, most of its citizens live in self-governing and isolated communities across the Glades. Shadowmire is the only city and its only form of law enforcement is its Guard, who oversee the city and ensure no illicit activity takes place. Crestan does not have very much industry, and relies mostly on fishing and the harvesting of plants that are endemic to the Glades but important components in medicine or magic. Its communities are mostly self-sustaining and trade with handcrafted goods or gathered resources, rather than paper or hard currency.


Balihr's borders run from the coast of Balihr Heath in the northwest to the banks of the Dark River. This country also encompasses most of Kruiln Expanse to the east. Because it is made up nearly entirely of heathland or plains, it does not have many natural resources. Its main exports are peat moss for fuel, sod, and hardier livestock, and relies mainly on imports to feed its citizens and provide construction materials. Balihr's capital is in the city of Rosewick, which is well known worldwide as a hub for the magical arts. Balihr was founded in BV 724 after this city received a blessing from the deity of magic, Iva. Balihr is a meritocratic country and governed by an elite council of the most skilled magic users in the country, the Masked Circle. This council has absolute power but is generally trusted by its people to make the best decisions for their nation as a whole.

Encompassing the entirety of the Misty Pine Forest and the Hollow Prairie, Mistfall is known for its lumber industry. Its capital, Mosshaven, has one of the largest woodworker's guilds on Galactus, serving hundreds of thousands of craftsmen making anything from wooden figures to furniture or decorative carvings on the timbers of homes. Mistfall has also managed to attract a large number of textile artisans, who follow the Mistfallian tradition of dying and weaving blankets using dyes made from tree bark and pine needles, or branch into more modern techniques using imported dyes from all over the world. Mistfall is governed by an elected council which deals with matters of national importance, while smaller committees focus on more specialized concerns.  

The easternmost kingdom in Qopith, Atrea is governed by a constitutional monarchy. While its monarch does have significant power and influence, that power is tempered by a parliament which is elected by Atrean citizens and must approve each decision. Atrea also has a large aristocracy, but over time the political power of these upper class, old families has been diminished. Atrea's capital is in the city of Amberfield, on the shores of a wide lake known as Sommer Basin. Sommer Basin feeds the Dark River, which brings water to the fertile lands along its banks. These fertile lands are used for crop farming, which is Atrea's main export. In fact, the name of its capital comes from the way the fields of grain surrounding the city glow amber in summer sunsets before harvest season. Atrea has a large population of laborers and seasonal workers, and the year-round warmth in the Jade Sea region allows farm work to be performed regardless of season.

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