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The Infinity Tower

The Infinity Tower is a ruined megastructure that was found in Zenthia Iksamas. It is known as the crown jewel to the Zenthian war-bands that fight for dominance over it. The structure is amongst Gaia's tallest artificial structures, and one of the few Infinity Towers that remain standing. This was a former Space elevator that was said to connect to a ringworld that was built around Gaia in the time of the Combined Empire. The structure broke in half halfway up the tower, and now stands with several floors exposed to the elements.  
"The Infinity Tower is also a Crown Jewel that the Guild of Lore wants to investigate, however, the Zenthians are making this impossible. This building is classified as beyond expert for the adventurer's guild, and we can not be held responsible for anything that befalls you or your party that raids this ruin."
~Adventurer's Guild Handbook, Zenthia Iksamas
It is hard to believe that there are more than one of these buildings or ruins across Gaia. This one is the most intact thus its high value target on the watch list of the Guild of Lore. The Tower can be seen fore miles around the Iksamas Desert and even from the Galios Ravine in certain locations. When the top can be seen, a giant makeshift banner flies high above and draped over the pinnacle's top walls, this guarantees that the building acts as a beacon of sheer power. The current Warband that rules the tower is known as the Lotus Warband, and they are seen as the defacto leaders of the unified Zenthian Warbands.

Purpose / Function

The Building was a Space elevator to a fabled Ringworld that was built around Gaia in the time of the Ancient Empire. It was one of many that shuttled people into space in a matter of minutes without risking rocket explosions or costing rocket fuel for Interstellar vehicles to ferry populations. The Infinity Tower however was tied to a bio-engineering Laboratory that unknown to the Zenthians who fight for it, played a key role in their evolution. It was a gigantic lab that was geared towards bio-engineering.

Zenthian Origins

The Combined Empire had bred a special animal to guard this site amongst others. This site was where the Zenthians were engineered in their ancient history. It is said that the first several hundred floors are still intact, and just became an arcology for the most powerful of Zenthians to live in. The Zenthians simply have evovled into what htey are now in the absence of their overlords, and technically out of planned control by Combined standards.  
"Report 2219-A, The Speicimen known as Zenthia 2232r must not be allowed to go over controlled perimeters. They were created to guard our most key and sacred objects. Loyal to Us and anyone within the Empire that has a security clearance of Spec-A or higher."
~Recovered Bio-engineering Memo, Zenthia Iksamas


The Building has been converted into a Zenthian fortress as the warbands' seat of power. Only the mightiest of all warbands and Zenthians can sit atop this structure and plant their banner on its pinnacle. This building is more important then the Old Capitol Zentharis due to it's historical documents and intact ancient history that remains unscathed even with how wreckless the Warbands are. This is perhaps due to teh Zenthians encoded instinct that they have lost all knowledge of during their unplanned evolution.


The Building is constructed of Metal alloys and has a wide base that spansa few miles to support the impossible height the tower once stood at. The Settelement that surrounds the Base is known as Warhome, which houses all Loyal warbands to the current warband that has control of the Tower itself.   The Building was suspended from the Ringworld that was built around Gaia before it fell apart. The technology in this building was beyond comprehension, and it acted as a ring world anchor to kept the artificial lands from falling out of the sky itself. The sheer appearance of this building stirs only wonders on how such a physics defying tower was built, and served the Empire for thousands of years.   The building now stands at half it's height, the upper half not being found, as it disappeared along with the Ringworld itself. However evidence points to that the upper half of The Infinity Tower has scattered across Sahandra, and the oceans, which are currently being researched. Nature has likely took these over and hid it from normal view.
2 AS
Founding Date
3450 BS
Alternative Names
The Skytower
Orbital, Space elevator


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