Saqoue'een Makeer (Saak'koe'eeen Maah'key-air)

Saqoueen Makeer is the capitol of the Saqoueen Tribes of Myryth. It was the prime target of the Bastille Empire's genocide crusade. The city has a mix of both native Gnolls and Humans who collectively make up the United Saqoueen Tribes.  
"Saqoueen has Modernised itself to an extent to match the other world Capitols. Why the humans wished to destroy this beautiful culture was beyond me."
~Adventurer Quoe Lassiaam, The Waking Cresent Guild


The United Tribes Uses this City as thier capitol, and thus both The Gnoll tribes and Human tribes of the Continent call it thier home. There are more Gnolls than humans, but still with equal, they treat thier human comrades as family, as they think it should be. Most of the rich citisens of the nation call this place home, and have intergrated themselves into the tribes, however the main sorce of members are natives and tourists.
Founding Date
1245 AS
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