Rachaak T'Litchi (Ra chok te' liit chee)

Rachaak T'Litchi is a Rathari alchemist who was mostly known for his hermit lifestyle within the Misty Thicket. He is often seen unfavorably by the people of the Thicket due to what he is, and his appearance.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rachaak did get beter from radiation sickness, however due to the length he was ill, his growth was stunted, and had a hip disarticulation of his right leg as a last resort to save his life. He looks frail, and often tries to avoid physical contact, due to his frail frame. His fur is miscolored as a result and he often looks, very ratty and lonesome, which had rumors grow about him.

Special abilities

Being an alchemist, Rachaak has alchemy as his skills.
  • Alchemical Fire
  • Healing Potions
  • Buffing Potions
  • Poisons
  His weapon of choice would be a pistol so his free paw could handle throwing potions if need be.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rachaak was always an outcast due to the circumstances of his birth. He was born in a low caste within the Rathari tribes in the Underfoot. He was sickly upon birth and was not expected to survive due to the harshness of the Rathari Lifestyle. It is not uncommon to see Rathari who are afflicted by some sort of sickness opr injury, so no one questioned his health. He was expected to die days after his birth. He of course proved them all wrong with a chance of life living on the surface.   He was stricken with a Cancer on his birth, and since such things are not heard of, or even thought to be a thing in the Rathari caves, he was written off by the clans once he was smuggled out of the caves. He was taken in by Joharan farmers once they found him about to give up on his own life. It was discovered that his life was in serious condition, and the cancer was traced to his right leg, which was not a normal cancer, but a Cancer that was formed of radiation. It was discovered that his tribe was near a uranium source deep within the underfoot. In a moment that changed his life, they took Rachaak in for medical treatment, which led to a complete amputation of his leg, from the hip down. It was a last resort method, and even his savoirs didnt' expect a rathari to survive long by themselves.   His saviors were amazed when he started to make a recovery a few days after the procedure had been carried out. His health slowly and then quickly got better as the months progressed. He started to assist the family who saved him, to the best of his ability.¬† He had fashioned himself a peg leg to get around more easily.       His family was unfortunately a victum of a Zenthian raid, on his farm which had cost him everything he had found. His adopted family's farm was unfortunately next to the Iksamas border, and thus a target in the Zenthian Raids, the only fortunate¬† thing was, he was away when it happened. He had taken a liking to plants and fauna, and had went out of the way to help the farm expand its crops with some potion work with flowers and other herbal plants. He was devastated when he learned what happened, and then fled, as he couldn't stay there anymore, his family was nowhere to be found, so at first, his leaving was to find his family, which never happened. He had moved unknowingly into the Misty Thicket and built himself a new smaller farm, which then evolved into an alchemy shop. He stayed here to fine tune his trade, while seeking answers for his family's disappearance. For now, though, he takes odd jobs by the Guild of Lore, to mostly get by.


His education is baseic, mostly self taguht most of his knowledge, save for the start ot flora and fauna. His adoptive family had helepd him start this which he took to heart. He's aiming to be one of the best alchemists of all Gaia.
Current Status
Studying the Crystal Forest
Current Residence
Presented Sex
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey Fur with black Markings


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