A chronomancer is a mage who specializes in time magic. the profession is given to those that study the art form to master it. Its a rare yet very effective disclipine of magic to follow, and is amongst the most dangerous.  
"It's scary, the ability to control time and the flow of time, and even break barriers between dimensions using your timeline. This art must be protected with ferocity, or all can be lost."
~Misuki Tirvale, Reflections of Time



A chronomancer's job is to record and archive events that happen in our world and in our time line. They perceive time as a storyteller and most leave reflections in a journal in their mage towers or sanctuaries.   They can control time, yes but not on the scale of unvierse or day. It is impossible to revert time fast forward time and change what has already happened. They however can teleport, fast travel, and breach parallel universes if needed.   If any chronomancer is caught abusing their powers, they will be dispatched by whatever organization oversees the practice of magic, usually the local mages guild. Thankfully, this pwoer is rare and hard to master, and most who dabble in it can only stop moments of time near them and in combat in an area of 20 meters around them.

Social Status

Chronomaners are usually loners and if found they are revered by other mages due to the nature of the magic they are able to do. In the end it's a school of illusion, but can be perceived as reality.   They are often sought after if one is in the need of advice or knowledge. They would have studied important events, and minor events, no matter how big or small they were, and often can provide answers to those who seek them with this form of record keeping.


Provided Services

The services provided are usually sound advisors, or someone seeking a clue of an important time in history. Most of these chronomancers sell their services as sages and fortune tellers.   They also can erase certain memories of events or knowledge should it be deemed justified.

Dangers & Hazards

Mindwipes are a very real worry. If a chronomancer botches a spell or if the ywere wanting to inflict harm, they would wipe memories of their people. It is worth noting they can not wipe the basic body needs and how the body acts to them, but memories and lessons.
Alternative Names
Time Mage
Rare, Exotic Luxury


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18 Jan, 2023 22:14

This is a very interesting classification of wizard. That they are studier, watcher, and understanding of Time, history, and the multiverse. I also love the fact that they can 't affect what has already happened. I kind of wonder could they could jump themselves in the future, but then they're stuck at that specific time and point that they come out of. Very cool idea for Chronomancer.

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