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Wratch - The Stinking Disease

Oh, how his skin glowed! He was getting all sorts of impressed looks, as he strutted through the market on his way to an important trade deal. His arms were shinning a dazzling array of pinks and purples. Keeping up appearances was important for such an important merchant like him, he thought. That's why he lathered on a layer of Sparkling Powder every couple of days, especially for important meetings like the one he had today. He straightened his collar and winked at a passing couple, got to keep them impressed he thought with a chuckle.   "Oh shit, what's that smell! Did someone fall in a cow patty and not rinse off!"   The comment made by a nearby shopper stopped him in his tracks, they weren't talking about him, were they? No, they couldn't be. His eyes darted about from patron to patron, the packed market place had all but stopped. They were pinching their noses, fleeing the area, and retching in disgust. Then he saw them pointing, towards him!?   No, it couldn't be! He looked down at his hands, oh goodness no!   His once iridescent and beautiful skin had turned mottled and brown. And then the smell hit him, from his own skin, ripe manure. With haste, before any more sensed where the smell was wafting from he hid his hands in his trousers and made for the market exit. He would stop by an apothecary on the way home for some ointment. Yes, that would do! This case of the Wratch would have to be dealt with before the horrid smell it cast upon him caused further damage to his status. Blast it all, his meeting would have to wait.
A Typical Case of The Wratch
  Wratch is caused by excessive overuse of a popular drug called Sparkling Powder, a colourful powdered substance that when applied to the skin creates slight feelings of euphoria in the user. It also has the curious effect of causing whatever portion of the skin it is applied to glow with an iridescent and colourful sparkling effect for several hours.   The Stinking Disease, as it has been nicknamed, is a foul and uncomfortable disease for whoever falls victim to it. Though typically not lethal, it is an embarrassing and worrisome thing to contract. While stricken with Wratch, the skin in which the Sparkling Powder was applied to will begin to tarnish in colour, turning various mottled colours of green and brown. The affected areas will also begin to form leathery scabs and abrasions. Worst of all the skin becomes unpleasantly odorous, and depending on the strain of Sparkling Powder can begin to smell like several not so pleasant odours. Examples of this have included, rotten egg, urine, feces, fish, or if you are lucky, wet dog smell.   Thankfully, if the afflicted cease usage of Sparkling Powder and get enough rest the Wratch will pass in time. Some local apothecaries even sell a herbal Wratch ointment in order to lessen the discomfort and further along the healing process. Though it is still an embarrassing event to experience, as the stench makes it nearly impossible to be amongst others without receiving glares of disgust and judgement. It is a lose-lose situation, either people will recognize a case of Wratch and you are labelled an addict and one to be avoided, or you are labelled as that one really stinky guy no one likes to be around.  
Extreme Cases
  There have only been a handful of extreme cases of Wratch, these cases however have caused permanent disfigurement and on one documented occasion, death. These cases have been tied to those horribly addicted to Sparkling Powder and did not cease usage of it once they had contracted a case if the Wratch. This continued usage of the drug while dealing with the fairly light symptoms of Wratch caused the disease to amp up and develop more severe symptoms.  
Please be warned that the following description of extreme cases of Wratch is unpleasant and somewhat disturbing
Symptoms of extreme cases of Wratch begin with the same as described early, patches of odorous and leathery skin begin to appear, causing discomfort and irritation. However, if it continues past this stage the afflicted will begin to suffer through the growth of painful pustules and the small leathery patches will spread into swollen rashes across the entire body. As the rash spreads, so do the pustules, eventually, these pustules will grow so large that they will pop, shooting forth a mess of foul snot-like pus that causes extreme pain in the suffering patient. If these areas are not treated with clerical magic, as herbal remedies will have little to no effect at this point, they may see permanent damage or require the removal of the skin or appendage. Tragically, one case saw a man who was so addicted to Sparkling Powder that he continued to use it throughout his ordeal with advanced Wratch. Eventually, the man's body was completely covered in sores, rashes, and painful pustules. The man's body simply ceased functioning one morning, despite the efforts of local doctors his body could no longer endure the damage and pain it was experiencing.
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