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The Heir's Chain

A hundred generations, that is how long The Heir's Chain has blessed the collar of those destined to take the throne and rule the land in our deities stead. A chain of gold and gems, blessed by the deities of life and death itself. A symbol that has survived countless wars, bloodshed, and turmoil. But never, has its links tarnished, never, has its gems cracked. A symbol of strength, order and justice. Attributes that its wearer must gain before their time comes. For they are destined to rule all of Baïzair.

The Heir's Chain was constructed over a hundred generations ago, by the first ruling families of the newly united provinces of Baïzair. Crafted from gold and gems gifted to the throne by each of the provinces this necklace is meant to symbolize the nation's eternal faith in the throne and their heirs. Once completed The Heir's Chain was brought to the royal temple for blessing. It is said that the deities of life and death themselves attended the ritual and gave their own personal blessings unto the chain.   Afterwards, the first ruler of Baïzair placed the chain around their child's collar and instilled on them their destiny as the next ruler of the land. Since then, the chain has passed down through the generations each wearer being destined to take the throne. Though as history would show, this would not always be the case.

Legacy   The necklace has a strange and complicated history, due to its symbolism it has been a sought after item for as long as it has been around the neck of those that are next in line. Noble families have quarrelled and fought over the chain, and it has changed hands on numerous occasions. The heirs in which were destined for greatness instead, being cast out with their once royal families as exiles and traitors. For the citizens of Baïzair, The Heir's Chain represents order and prophecy. Those that were it will rule, regardless of circumstance. If an heir dies, disappears, is disgraced, or disposed of in any manner of ways, the individual that finds the chain around their collar becomes the new ruler in waiting. Over the chain's existence, dozens of accounts of regicide, civil wars, political battles, and more have been waged over the possession of the chain.   Its legacy is a complicated painting, one that still symbolizes its origins in; justice, order, and the destiny of its wearer. But has also gained notoriety and infamy of manipulation, violence, and mistrust.
Significance   It signifies that the wearer of The Heir's Chain has been blessed by the gods and as chosen by the will of the nation become Baïzair's next ruler. This is taken as holy gospel by citizens of the nation, most fully believe in the wearer's right to rule once their time comes. Alternatively, most people believe that if the heir loses possession of the chain in any way. Whether by political upheaval, negligence, or death, they are convinced that the gods have decided against the potential ruler and wish for a new heir.   In rare cases, the actions of an heir have caused the current ruler and their family to be deposed, with a new ruling family stepping in to take their place thus starting a new line of heirs. Often, these cases have complicated years-long battles that the general population never sees. Rival families jostling for position to the throne, each wanting their kin to become the next line of rulers. Each having few limits as to what they are willing to do in order to gain possession of The Heir's Chain.
The Heir's Chain is a wide-collared necklace that rests on the wearer's shoulder. It is compromised of thirty-six long golden chains linked together, over and under. Each link is adorned with precious gems made of quartz, topaz, and turquoise. Each of these gems has intricate drawings and etchings that represent the stories of the gods and the expectations they expect from the rulers they leave on this world in their stead.
The Heir Apparent
The wearer, and heir apparent, is Outa. A brash young man of fourteen who has grown accustomed to the prestige and service the necklace brings. He has become a narcissist, a boy with an inflated ego and the power behind him to take advantage of those he wishes to manipulate.   Most heirs have numerous responsibilities and actions they must make in a day, but Outa has taken to relegating his minions to these tasks. Instead, he prioritizes his own carefree lifestyle he wishes to continue living. He cares little for the throne and would prefer to extend his tenure as heir, so that he may continue his life of luxury.   Many political influencers and family members have noticed this behaviour, though his father King Amset II refuses to believe the accusations. Believing instead they are rumours concocted by those who work against him and his family.

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