Pet Rok

A Pet Rok while a costly endeavour is the best kind of pet for those looking to find the companionship of a loyal animal without having to take on all the responsibility of caring for one. Pet Roks are small rock golems that are magically created by wizards who specialize in conjuration and elemental magic. These Roks while small in stature are magically programmed to follow its masters every instruction, not only creating a ceaselessly loyal creature but an endlessly useful one as well.

Basic Information


Pet Roks are magically animated constructs made out of a variety of minerals, though most are just made out of common rocks and stones. Ranging in size from about fist-sized up to a small dog size, the Pet Rok can come in many different forms, the most commonly selected form is a large squat torso/face, and short stumpy arms and legs.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Usually, they are flat and have no facial features, though more clever artificers could carve a face into it if they wished, in fact, some children go ahead and carve features into the Pet Rok after it has been brought home. Other features depend on the kind of rock used, the stone itself could be smooth to the touch or rough and abrasive.

Average Intelligence

As they are a magical constructed being they are of very limited intelligence, being made of rock also doesn't help.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Pet Rok is able to see by sensing vibrations in the ground around it, due to its kinship with earth elementals. Due to this ability, it is also able to seek out precious stones, minerals, and some metals within short distances.
Scientific Name
Depends on the amount of energy instilled in it. Anywhere from a couple weeks to hundreds of years
Average Height
1 - 2 ft.
Average Weight
2 - 10 lbs.
Average Length
1 - 1 1/2 ft.
Average Physique
Typically very sturdy, though it all depends on the kind of stone used to create the elemental construct.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Varied depending on the kind of stone used but the more common types are grey or brown. Different regions product differently coloured rocks and more expensive minerals used to create Roks can have rarer colours like green, blue, or even purple.

Cover image: Rock Wall by Sean Marino


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