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Crown Train of the Empress

Mountains, lakes, and trees streaked by in a blur as The Crown Train of the Empress hurtled down the tracks. She sighed looking out the window of her personal train car. To all but her, this train ride would be the height of luxury, a sign that you were part of the elite, one of enough clout and wealth to be allowed aboard her train and within her circle. But to her, it meant another boring trip, one that could last days or even weeks depending on whatever the engineer said was holding them up this time.   It also meant it was another tour of her empire, designed to show her off in attempts to endear herself to her people. And she loved her people, of course, she did but she hated the rigamarole, the constant showing off. She just wanted to do what was best for her people, avoid all the pomp and circumstance and just rule as justly and fairly as she could. The city of Aldur suddenly came into her view, speeding towards them at an unsettling speed. She sighed again, her first stop on a long tour. Time to get to work.

Power Generation

The Crown Train of the Empress is powered by a huge engine located at the back of the train. The engine itself uses the power of multiple Ether Crystals, housed in separate casings the crystals each link up together in order to gather enough energy to fuel the engine and in turn power the systems that propel the train.


Each of the trains cabs are fitted with long propulsion units that run underneath them, these rails direct the energy that the engine produces shooting a stream of Ether energy towards the rails. The rails are made with a special matter that reacts with the energy allowing the train to float atop of the railroad. Using a complex system that only the train engineer is educated in the propulsion units are able to shift back or forth in alignment. This shift allows the Ether energy to strike the rails in such a way to create enough forward or backwards movement to allow movement. The train can gain speeds of up to 64 km/h, making it one of if not the fastest mode of transportation on the planet.

Weapons & Armament

There are several weapons built directly into the train including a large, pointed ram fitted onto the front of the trains. The train also has several energy cannons that fire blasts of energy at any attacking forces. Though these cannons are formidable they have an immense toll on the trains energy supplies and may affect the trains ability to move. After a short time in use, they may even drain the energy reserves of the train's engine. So they are only used upon emergencies.

Armor and defense

The train is outfitted with thick armour plating, enough to deflect most forms of ranged attacks. Making it one of the safest forms of transportation. It is also outfitted with several safety features including a short-range Ether generated shield, and a secret panic room in the Empress private cab.
One of a Kind
6'600 ft.
15 ft.
540 tons
64 km/h
Complement / Crew
20 - 40
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
20 - 30

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