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Askii Atapa - Vale of the Sacred

Vale of the Sacred
Deep within Raum'alur, is an ancient and secret vale, hidden even from the eyes of the Utuk'taseg - Those that Seek people that reside in Raum'alur, the Valley of the Embraced. It is called Askii Atapa, the Vale of the Sacred, it is a sacred place of vast spiritual energy and powerful ancient beings. The vale is protected from the outside world and only reveals itself to those of purity and conviction. Various stories and legends have been told by the Utuk'taseg of Askii Atapa and over the last twenty years, it has become a place of great importance to them. Most people in Raum'alur believe that the land in which Askii Atapa resides is sacred and must not be encroached upon unless the spirits of the land guide you there themselves.   What lies within Askii Atapa is largely unknown, but rumours and tales told by those that have saught it, say that the vale has the power to heal any ailment, both spiritual and physical. Other stories tell of the elder beings that reside in the forests of the vale and of the ancient and lost wisdom they hold. It is unknown what other secrets the vale holds but shamans of the Utuk'taseg warn that if the powers of the vale are abused for selfish or destructive purposes that it could throw off the spiritual balance of Raum'alur and throw the land into chaos.   The location of the Askii Atapa is largely unknown, but many swear they've seen it, shimmering in the distance at the edges of their sight. Many believe that Askii Atapa lies somewhere in the northeastern lands of Raum'alur, nestled amongst the rolling hills that preceded the northern border's mountains. What lies inside the Vale of the Sacred is largely a mystery but it is said to be a place of diverse, strange, and wondrous flora and fauna, with a long and winding river that flows from one end of the vale to the other, sustaining all of which that lives within with its sacred waters.   Though none of this can be confirmed as even those that have sworn to have seen this place themselves cannot seem to find it again, having lost the memory of its location the moment they left its borders.
Flora and Fauna
  This vale is said to be home to a variety of wondrous and otherworldly beings that only exist within the forests and hills of the vale itself, having been long forgotten or lost to the outside world. The beings of the vale are said to be of a deeply spiritual nature and exist in harmony amongst each other. It is believed that alongside animals of pure spiritual energy also live creatures of fey and elder ancestry, many of which have lost and unknown origins.    One of the creatures that are said to reside within the vale is the Hohoto, beings made from the collected and purified spiritual energies of animals that have lost their lives before their time. They are said to resemble the animals that they once lived as outside the vale but now live as beings of pure spiritual energy. The Hohoto are peaceful and are believed to help guide those that have also faced trauma in their lives towards what may help them find salvation or healing. Along with most of the animals that live in the vale, The Hohoto are pacifistic and will not harm each other or travellers that granted entry to their realm.   Amongst the variety of strange flora that grows in Askii Atapa is the rare and often sought plant in Raum'alur is the Root of the Oji'tan, this rare plant is used for spiritual healing and rituals conducted by shamans of the Utak'taseg. It is an extremely difficult plant to find in Raum'alur, only being found in places of spiritual abundance, but even then they only grow in small crops. However, it is believed the Oji'tan grows in vast fields of abundance in Askii Atapa. Shamans use the Oji'tan because of its ability to absorb spiritual energy, they believe that the Oji'tan that grows hidden in the Vale of the Sacred hold much deeper spiritual energy than those that grow outside, as the root and all other flora have had centuries to grow vast root systems that have been able to absorb larger quantities of spiritual energy.
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