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What is a Redsmith?

A Redsmith is a metalsmith that specialises in making items from copper.
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Unlike the Wikipedia [1] definition, they do not work with brass as well as copper. If they did, they would be called a Brownsmith [2].

Tools And Work Area

As with Blacksmiths, the tools they used are similar. So Redsmiths use a forge, tongs, hammers and anvils.
by Art of Copper Smithing (book)
by Art of Copper Smithing (book)
A Selection of Hammers
An Example of a Forge Used
The difference is that a Redsmith's trade lies in more beautiful items. They will have hammering templates which they hold the copper over to hammer the copper to the desired shape.   These templates can be something that can be held in a vice as well as in the Hardie hole and Pritchel hole (square and Round hole) [3] on the flat face anvil.

The Building

The Building will have the facilities to have a forge indoors and will be only one floor. Unlike other buildings which may have more floors for businesses or residential purposes. This is because of the large amount of heat coming from the forge.

Career Progression

As with other Dual Roles, there are levels. As the levels increase so do the intensity of the role. To progress Levels, the Redsmith needs to show the ability to work with the copper of the above. With Level 1, Redsmiths, they progress to Level 2 by showing the ability to work with tools and not severely hurt themselves working with cherry hot metal.   While most Extra Employments will have a review after five months of labour. Most other Extra Jobs wait until the remainder of the year, for the progression to happen. This is not the case with the Redsmiths.   As long as the person with the role has passed the 5 months review, they can progress at any time. It could be any time the following year. If it is before March then the owner of the business can request a new Level 1 Redsmith.   Lower Levels, if they are not given work to do, that affects end products such as making a plate, they will be helping higher levels by flattening metal with a hammer or cutting it to size ready for the product to be made.   For bigger Redsmiths, they can produce bigger items this also means that the Level Progression is higher. The Highest Level can be 6, for smaller ones like the Redsmiths in 3 4 the maximum is 4.

Level 1

A Level 1 Redsmith will hammer copper items that can’t be repaired. These Items with being hammered back to sheet metal ready to be made into something else. If they are experienced enough a test is given to see if they can do a Level 2 role.   This test is to make a simple piece of jewellery that will not be anything impressive but will test their hammering technique and their ability to learn new things as they will be making items that require them to cut the copper. The item of jewellery will be sold if it is of sellable quality.

Level 2

At level 2, if they have not been given orders to make, they will cut copper metal that has either been hammered or new sheeting to the size that needs to be made into the future item. If the item is small like a piece of jewellery then this copper will originate from a length of copper pipe.   If they have orders to complete the items they can complete are as follows:

Simple board game pieces
Decorative Panels (for Governmental Buildings).
Plates And Cookware.
Fry And Saucepans.
Pans And Bowls.
Copper Mugs And Utensils.

Level 3

At this level, they begin to be able to make items with the copper, these tend to be basic and uncomplicated in the sense of soldering and creation. The most complex a Level 3 Red smith can complete is hammering patterns into items. At this level, they can start repairing items that are equal to and below their Level.   Items they can produce are: More intricate Jewellery, Copper Mugs And Utensils, Trays, Plates And Cookware, Fry And Saucepans, Pans And Bowls, More complicated game pieces, and those items at lower Levels
Vases, Kettles, Light Fixtures, Range Hoods And Ship Sheathing (not used as Birdencaster is inland).

Level 4

At this level, an experienced Redsmith can make more decorative items which require extra copper to be soldered to the item, to make the item look more ostentatious. The items they can make are:
  Intricate Jewellery.
Copper Mugs And Utensils.
Small Sculptures and Weather Vanes, they also repair these items.
Tea And Coffee Pots.
Large Pans for Confectionary making.[4]
Candlestick and Pillar Holder

Level 5

Redsmith shops that have space will be able to have Level 5 onwards, these people will be able to make components to stills. These stills are used in distilleries to make spirits, and last 5 years until they need to be replaced due to build up of copper sulphide on the inside of the still. The still can only be repaired if it has a leak in its components from pipes.

An Example of a Still Used at distilleries
The still is made from three components that can be brazed together. The components themselves can be made from smaller parts so it is easier to shape the copper. These smaller parts will be brazed together by a level 6 Redsmith.   The items they can make are Medium-sized Sculptures, Weather Vanes and Fountains. As above they can make parts for stills.

Level 6

At this level, they take the parts that have been made by the Level 5 Redsmith and construct them. The items they finish up are large stills, Sculptures and fountains. They tend not to repair existing sculptures and fountains unless a Level 5 Redsmith is ill or unavailable.


With all levels there is a possibility of going outside of the workshop, this isn't just to repair the sculptures if their level allows for it, but it can be to deliver some items for metal plating. As some items require plating, these are items that would be items that don't need to keep their copper colour. This can be, shiny, tarnished, or patina (green rust). These items are pots and pans (apart from the underside), some jewellery items, plates and bowls (but cutlery is not plated), funnels and jugs.

Redsmith by James Woodwright


Type Of Job
Type Of Employment
Extra Employment (levels 1 - 4). Core Job (levels 5 - 6).
Changes With Level.
Contract Type
Working Hours
Part Time (levels 1 - 4). Full Time (levels 5 - 6).
Zone 3.

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