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Chromatic Smithing: The Whole Spectrum Of Metalsmithing


The book was published in 2060 as people were getting confused between the differences of metalsmiths that operate currently. As there have been people who go to one particular metalsmith expecting to commission a particular product but instead finding that they were at the wrong type of metalsmiths.   This continued to the point where both parties of customer and metalsmith were getting frustrated. A plan was devised to educate the masses so that this issue would have less occurrence. The book is used as a textbook in citizenship classes to educate students on the different metalsmiths and what metals they use. The book, which is highly known for its Turquoise colour, can be bought at any book retailer and therefore it is not just a book for the school system.


This book was published and taught in citizenship classes for ages 14 to 16. Students, once they left education, were less likely to go to the wrong metalsmiths. Since the book was widely accessible the population that were not taught this, taught themselves. This had a particular impact as the confusion was limited.


Since the City has a forestry industry, it has a stable production of wood. Unfortunately for the printing industry, not enough wood is produced for everything. So all products that need wood without the wood being destroyed, for example, in the papermaking process, are made. Therefore the book is not published within the city. The sawdust and woodchips are exported to make the paper, as there is not enough space in the city for a Paper mill.  

Public Reaction

The book is well known for its turquoise colour and has a nickname, Cox Book, referencing not just the colour but the class that it is used in as part of the education that citizens of the city get. The book is well received by the general public. Students may of course not enjoy the book as it is part of their schooling. The general public enjoys the book as it helped them after leaving education.   The Book got its nickname from Copper and Oxidation. As Copper Oxides, it can go a green colour. The “Co” from copper and “x” for oxidation. Coincidentally this spells Cox, a type of apple, which can be red like copper, it can also relate to the fact the book is used in education.

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