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Marine Logistics

Many transportation technologies such as flying transportation don’t exist because of The Great Rewind. What remains of transportation technologies is trains and horses and carts for land travel and ships for ocean and coast travel.

Technological Advantages

As part of The Old World, various canals were constructed, finished and maintained. This is the case this gives an advantage of their current version of the transportation technologies now to when their original version as these canals exist.

Panama Canal

This canal is the case for the Panama Canal which started construction on May 4 1904[1] and finished on August 15, 1914[1], but later extended on June 26, 2016. This canal connects the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans [1] so that sailors don’t voyage through Drake’s Passage. Using the Panama Canal means going between the two Americas.

Suez Canal

The Suez Canal would be another good guess for a canal but its construction started September 25, 1859 [2], and was completed on November 17 1869 [2]. The canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.   So with a society based in the 2120s would have both canals and would still be able to use them with the technology they have.

Transportation Limiations

Another issue with the transportation of goods is that if the intended item needs to be refrigerated or other technology to be able to last such as oranges being grown in Spain will not make it to the UK, without going rotten. In this case and in many others food is canned.

Resource Gathering

As with Birdencaster where as much as possible has to be produced in the city its self as to lower on transportation. This sometimes is not the case as with Birdencaster which has no mines so needs to import its metals and minerals.   While this is the case at the city scale it is the case at the country level. Requiring to use Merchant Ships to sail to get more commodities or more of ones that can’t be sourced for the obvious reason that some commodities like spices require a more tropical climate. For information on trade See Trade: Spices and Trade Goods.

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[1]Wikipedia Article on Panama Canal


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