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Trade: Spices and Trade Goods

The Map is there for an example. As the Map has not been finished due to the fact that I have not made the symbols for the table below it or for the map.

Trade Around The World In The Perception Of the UK

World Map by
Item Symbol Type
Citris Food
Cocoa Food
Coffee Food
Crabs Food
Fish Food
Rice Food
Tea Food
Wheat Food
Wine Food
Coal Fuel
Diamonds Luxury Goods
Furs Luxury Goods
Incense Luxury Goods
Jade Luxury Goods
Pearls Luxury Goods
Silk Luxury Goods
Aluminium Metals
Copper Metals
Iron Metals
Mercury Metals
Silver Metals
Cinnamon Spices
Cloves Spices
Marble Stone
Cotton Textile




Lemons are imported from Spain unlike oranges are in fact picked when green and then ripen as they reach the UK, and will hopefully reach the trip ripe.


Oranges come from Spain and are canned before leaving by train to the UK.


  Cocoa comes from Nigeria, due to The Chocolate Wars the British abandoned trade with the Nigerians. The British suffered defeat begun trading with the Portuguese instead for Carob.   A few years later the Nigerians fed up with the fall of their trade began a war with the Togolese pirates. They ultimately won and began transporting Cocoa to the British.   However due to the price to the British, only the wealthy could afford cocoa derivative chocolate while the commoners have only carob powder to enjoy. Chocolate bars can not be made without cocoa butter including this ingredient in the carob powder will make viable chocolate bars it will make the carob chocolate expensive, so this is not done for the majority of the population.


Coffee comes from Venezuela.


While the UK does fish crabs there is a shortfall and the importation of this commodity is required from Canada [1]. This version is of course canned so that it can make the journey.


While the UK still fishes in its own waters as with Crabs there is a shortfall this is counteracted by importation from Continental Europe [2].


Rice is imported from India which is then brought across on ships these then go through the Suez Canal to get back to the UK.


As with rice, tea is imported from India and shared the same route as rice.


While the UK produces wheat it can only produce wheat that is suitable for animal feed which does not make good flour for bakery products. The wheat that the UK gets imported to make flour comes from Canada [3].


All White wines are imported from and around the Mediterranean. For red wines come from Portugal, Spain and France.



Coal is mined in the UK. The closest mine to the city of Birdencaster is in the Forest of Dean [4] in the county of Gloucestershire [5]. While there are other coal mines in the UK mainly in the northern regions. While this is the case the still requires more coal due to The Great Rewind even with turning some of the wood into charcoal, occasionally the UK needs to import the shortfall for industries and for homes to function correctly. These imports come from Canada and the States, but mainly from the States.

Luxury Goods








Aluminium ore or bauxite comes from tropical places such as jamaica [6] but for more refined stocks of aluminium, such as pipes, ingots, square and round rods are imported from Germany.   Historically the Salvaging Industry has melted aluminium from technology that could no longer be used. While this was the case it is no longer the case and the UK now relies on its current aluminium supplies to be recycled. When there are projects that require more aluminium then this stock will be imported from Germany.


As with Aluminium the UK had the use of its Salvaging Industry that melted down technology containing the metal. As the product containing the metal cannot be used the product is returned to the Redsmiths’ for a credit note enabling the recycling of the metal. To make up for shortfalls they import copper pipe from China.




Silver is a useful metal that has many properties that can be exploited in industrial processes to make items. While rather surprisingly the UK mines the metal but requires a small amount to make up for the shortfall they import the Silver from Germany.





These Spices are imported from indonesia.





Scale Of Trade

Why I Left Out Some Commodities

The Commodities i put into this article apart from slate came from and were inspired by the Computer Game Civilisation 6. Some commodities i left out for reasons that i go into below.

Cosmetics And Dyes

With dyes there are so many colours to go through there might as well me another article on the subject, this is because red dye, for example, can be made from beetroot but blue can be made from Lapis lazuli which has two different processes and differences if your dying cloth or making a paint.

For cosmetics is a similar issue with dyes that there are many items and consistencies of those products that again it might as well be another article.


The simple answer to this is if you are a nation that borders an ocean, you would just take seawater and boil off the water or condense it and keep the salt from the process. Anyone who does not border an ocean or other brackish water will have the salt transported to them.


I don’t see marble being used all that often in Birdencaster or at all in The New World.

Article Contents

Further Resources

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Trade Resources inspired by Civilisation VI
[1]Nation master - Top countries for Frozen Crabs Exports
[2]Leading exporters fish and fishery products worldwide, 2020 | Statista
[3]Principal exporting countries of wheat flour and products, 2020/2021 | Statista
[4]A Wikipedia article on the Forest of Dean
[5]A Wikipedia article on Gloucestershire
[6]A youtube video on how Aluminium is made

Image References

With thanks to for the use of their maps and the ability to change the projection from the Mercator to Robinson. The image has been edited with the addition of symbols. Map Used - World Map: Advanced


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