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Sighted Rope

A relic that is a thick rope thickly woven to resemble a thick tree trunk, The first rope found was on a dead tree in the Dust, miraculously untouched by the Anz. After many expeditions, it was found that no Anz, in fact, dared venture close to it when the rope was wrapped.   Robes that are worn during RISE’s secret meetings are held together by replica ropes, even if they are worn belts, a rope is tucked into the rope in some way.   Besides the appearance and it's importance for Sights Rise's members, DEPART and the Frale know very little of it's actual purpose. Rumors always pop up, seemingly more for fun as Sight's Rise has always been a common group of people made fun of because their beliefs, so it's no surprise.   Three main rumors surround it,   As a protective ward, to keep them safe and unheard by those that wish to disband or overthrow them, like DEPART and other organizations.   As One Blind Eye was said to be connected to green nature, something the no one has truly claimed to see as true as spoken in the artifacts found, they are stored wrapped around a type of wood, Atlerwood preferable or real wood when not worn, and when pulled on, can pass all the POWER of that RISE's mdmber transfer to the rope, and in turn, the wood afterwards.   And lastly, as the rope that One Blind Eye will pull on when it is their time to serve them and brig the world under the god's POWER.   None of this has been proven, but some Sight's Rise tend to believe one or two of the assumptions, figuring it couldn't hurt.
"The Sighted Rope was what made me believe. For the Anz to be fearful of it out there in its territory, how could you know understand the power the One Blind Eye has? A miraculous feat of power and control!"
-preaching Sight's Rise believer


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