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Fish Snake

by hughpierre

Basic Information

Biological Traits

A partly terrestrial, air-breathing fish covered in bones for armour.
Its body is very snake-like, except for two front legs with strong shovel-shaped claws for digging like a mole. They bend then straighten their lower bodies to move through the soil. Sometimes appearing to drag itself via its front legs and sweeping dirt out of the way to stabilize itself.

Ecology and Habitats

These enormous creatures are most active after rainy periods and can survive both underwater and underground.
Supposedly, as it moves through marshes and deep bodies of water, it disturbs the surface by redirecting streams and uprooting trees.
Some feel its traversing explains the otherwise unexplainable appearance of trenches and trails that can be 10 feet wide and as much as 3000 feet long. These have been useful in the area as water channels and as impediments to large hostile groups.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Red Meat

They are said to feed on animals that enter the water such as llamas, alpacas and bihorns. It never leaves the water, instead grabing them from below and draging them under to drown.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Snake Lake

The largest navigable lake in the high mountains. It is 1000 feet deep and 650,000 feet wide. Its sparse glittering surface belies a toxic depth. The fish snake is a burrowing, legless reptile that lives under the shrubs and reeds of the lakebed.   It has developed a sort of symbiotic relationship with the aursos of Reed Town, where their waste is thrown into the lake that feeds the bottomfeeders, which inturn feed the fish population they eat. In this way, the aursos Have made the environment much safer for themselves. Alternatively, they can withhold their trash, and after a period of months, the fish snake will become begin to hunt the shore creatures aggressively.

Average Length
32 - 150 feet long
Average Physique
The scales are arranged in rings around their body so they can move like earthworms.

Facial characteristics
Snout with horn-like whiskers above a beak
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Wrinkly and Scaled Pink
Geographic Distribution


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