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Tribe of the Phoenix

Long ago, the Phoenixes were a majestic and revered species that dwelled harmoniously with the people and nature of The Valley of Leshiven. Known for their radiant plumage and ability to rise from their own ashes, they symbolized renewal and eternal life. The Phoenixes had a deep connection to the First Forest and served as the original priests for those seeking wisdom and enlightenment.   However, after Rao accidentally caused The Scar of Akrasia in an effort to warm his homeland, the harmony of Leshiven was severely disrupted.  

Suffering and Exodus

The intense fires and unnatural heat caused by the ritual proved disastrous for the Phoenixes. The people of Leshiven began to view fire as an abonimation and evil within their lands, and the once lush and vibrant regions of Leshiven were consumed by flames.   The Phoenixes, who once soared gracefully through the skies, now found themselves in anguish and despair. The fires not only devastated the land they loved, but the Leshy they had known through the ages. Instead of beging asked to help, the phoenix's were begged to leave.   In the aftermath of the catastrophe, the Phoenixes were left with no choice but to make a heart-wrenching decision—to leave their ancestral homeland and seek a new sanctuary. Fearing for their survival and wanting to escape the unbearable memories of the tragedy, they embarked on a long and arduous journey to find a new home far away from the land they once cherished.  

A New Land and Healing

The Phoenixes' quest for a new homeland took them to distant lands beyond Leshiven. After an exhausting and perilous journey, they finally found a tranquil and untouched sanctuary where they could rebuild their lives and heal from the wounds of the past.   In their new land, the Phoenixes thrived, forming tight-knit communities that cherished the memories of their lost home. They held ceremonies to honor the souls of their ancestors and the spirits of Leshiven's First Forest, keeping alive the teachings of their old culture.   The culture of the Phoenixes has gone on to encourage resilience, adaptation, and warn of the price of harmony when disturbed. Their departure from the land they once called home served as a poignant reminder of the need for balance and respect for the natural world. In their new sanctuary, the Phoenixes continue to uphold their heritage, becoming symbols of renewal and guardians of the environment in their quest to protect their newfound haven.  

Renewed Purpose

Despite the distance, the Phoenixes never forgot the lessons learned from their time in Leshiven. Their culture evolved, becoming even more focused on restoration, rebirth, and the sanctity of nature. The concept of renewal was now at the core of their culture, emphasizing the importance of healing, growth, and adaptation.  

Guardians of New Lands

As they settled in their new land, the Phoenixes became fierce protectors of their environment, ensuring that their new sanctuary remained untouched by reckless use of magic or disruptive actions. Their unique connection to the cycles of life and their ability to rise from ashes reinforced their role as guardians, committed to preventing the mistakes of the past from being repeated.  

Legacy in Leshiven

Although the Phoenixes left Leshiven behind, their legacy lived on in the hearts of those who remembered their once glorious presence. The people of Leshiven learned from the tragedy and vowed to preserve the delicate balance of their world, respecting the consequences of tampering with elemental forces.


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