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Tide Tender

Tide Tenders are a magical postal service that delivers messages written in seafoam ink, which wash up on the shore to their intended recipients.  

Tide Tenders: The Messengers of the Sea

The Tide Tenders, with their deep connection to the sea and tireless efforts to deliver messages that fall along the shore, ensure that communication flows seamlessly across The Valley of Leshiven. They are revered as indispensable messengers and guardians of the people's secrets.  

Origins of the Tide Tenders

Long ago, when The Sea Dragons and Luminauts first established their bond with the coastal communities of Cape Zaffre, they realized the need for a swift and magical means of communication. Thus, the Tide Tenders were born—individuals specially chosen for their affinity with the sea and the magical arts.  

Gathering and Delivering Messages

As the waves deposit seafoam messages on the shore, the Tide Tenders promptly collect them, reading the names of the recipients written on the bottles through their magical connection with the sea. They then set out on their journey, navigating the lands to deliver the messages to the right individuals.  

Secrecy and Trust

Tide Tenders are bound by a sacred oath of secrecy, ensuring that the contents of the messages remain confidential. This vow of trust builds a strong bond between the Tide Tenders and the people they serve, allowing them to function as confidants and mediators within the community.  

Celebration of Tide Tenders

To honor the Tide Tenders for their invaluable service, the coastal communities of Cape Zaffre hold a yearly celebration where the inhabitants express their gratitude and admiration for the messengers of the sea. Festivities include music, dancing, and a ceremonial release of messages of goodwill toward strangers into the sea to celebrate the interconnectedness of the realm. Those that recieve or come across one of these messages is said to have luck throughout the rest of the year.


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