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The Nereus Underground

Beneath the surface, hidden away from the prying eyes of the world above, lies a network of forgotten chambers, passageways, and grand halls that once thrived as a prosperous civilization long ago.


  There was once a magnificent city, its origins shrouded in the mists of antiquity. Legends tell of an advanced and enlightened society that prospered under the earth's surface, driven by their pursuit of knowledge, magic, and arts that surpassed anything of their time. The city was renowned for its architectural marvels, intricate sculptures, and ethereal artworks that adorned its underground chambers. After the big migration to these lands, the underground part of the Nereus Isles was soon discovered. The ancient ruins were overrun with all sorts of foul creatures and monsters, while the people of that old civilization were no where to be found. 

Modern Dealings

  The abandoned city was transformed into a clandestine hub for underworld activities, with a variety of protection spells and means of keeping the monsters at bay. Today, the Nereus underground has become a maze of hidden dens, black markets, and underground establishments, where illegal activities flourish. Here, forbidden goods are traded, smuggled, and stored, from illicit drugs and banned artifacts to stolen antiquities and dangerous weaponry.   The ancient chambers and passages provide natural hiding places, secret meeting spots, and covert escape routes. The forgotten grand halls are now the backdrop for underground parties and gatherings, where the wealthy elite indulge in their darkest desires.   Only those well-connected, wealthy or with something to offer can be permitted to enter the underground. Pontus is currently in charge of the underground scene, with control over the various happenings and the flow of money.

The Serpent's Veil Casino:

  The Serpent's Veil is a luxurious underground casino that caters to the elite of the underworld. The opulent establishment offers high-stakes gambling, glitzy performances, and indulgent pleasures. Many powerful figures can be found here, making deals or enjoying the dark allure of the city's underbelly.
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