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Phantom's Bay

A hauntingly beautiful bay protected by the sea dragons, phantom's bay is frequented by ghostly pirate ships, reminding all who visit of the bay's storied past.  

Phantom's Bay: A Haunting Haven

Phantom's Bay, with its haunting beauty and ghostly pirate ships, is a testament to the magic, wisdom, and protection that the sea dragons and the luminauts: Guardians of Balance bring to Cape Zaffre. This ethereal bay serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between the past, the present, and the region's safeguarded future.  

Wait, so the Bay is Hella Haunted?

In the distant past, Phantom's Bay was once a haven for pirates who sought to plunder the coastal settlements of Cape Zaffre. As a result of numerous pirate raids, the sea dragons intervened, summoning powerful magical currents to submerge the pirate ships, which now lie at the bay's bottom, encased in an eerie, ghostly aura.   The sunsets in Phantom's Bay are particularly awe-inspiring, as the ghostly pirate ships seem to come to life, appearing as translucent specters gliding across the surface of the water. They are completely harmless and disappear when approached too closely. The sight of the Phantasmal Fleet has become both an enchanting and spine-tingling experience for those who visit the bay.  

The Phantom's Lament

During nights of the full moon, Locals tell legends of a haunting melody that occasionally emanates from the ghostly ships. Known as "The Phantom's Lament" this mournful tune is said to be the collective memory of the pirates who once terrorized the coast. Some claim that the sea dragons' magic weaves the lament, a reminder of the consequences of greed and violence upon the peaceful shores of Cape Zaffre.   And indeed, on that same full moon, the ghostly pirate ships emit an eerie glow, casting an otherworldly luminescence upon the waters of Phantom's Bay. Locals believe that this celestial illumination is a testament to the souls of the pirates seeking redemption for their past deeds.  

The Guardian Sea Dragons

Phantom's Bay is renowned for its ethereal beauty and is fiercely protected by the ancient and wise sea dragons, who serve as the bay's guardians. These majestic beings have formed an unbreakable bond with the bay due to the connection between their kin Tiadora and the desire to protect The Valley of Leshiven against marauding pirates.  

Luminaut's Watchtower

To further ensure the safety of Phantom's Bay, the Luminauts have erected a watchtower on the bay's shore. From this vantage point, they keep a vigilant eye on any signs of potential intrusion, working in harmony with the sea dragons to safeguard the bay and its surrounding coastal communities.  

Bylaws of the Dragons

While indeed, the land is claimed by the sea dragons, the people of Leshiven collectively decided to leave their oceans alone, and thus there are no laws regulating the Bay itself, as such has served them well for as long as they have lived here.


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Aug 7, 2023 23:53

I wish I could see the ghostly pirate ships in person! You paint such an interesting picture of the Phantom's Bay, its sea dragon denizens, and how the communities have interacted with the area over time. Great article!