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Game Overview

The reason for choosing the Fate Core system is for the emphasis on narrative storytelling than it is on tedious mechanics. It's about emphasizing the design for the character you, the player, want to make.

The Three Core Rules

During play, always consider the following rules to help keep things flowing.

Golden Rule

Decide what you're trying to accomplish first, then consult the rules to help you do it.

The Golden Rule is about asking what you wish to do and how the mechanics can help you do it along the way. It is obvious but you aren't really playing the system if you aren't utilizing the mechanics to their potential.

Silver Rule

Never let the rules get in the way of what makes narrative sense.

The Silver Rule is about emphasizing that Fate is a fiction-first system. Do not let mechanics hold you back from doing something that would make sense. An example is punching glass. Typically, one would need their stress track filled before receiving consequences. Though, in this example, it would make sense that the character would take a mild consequence of "Glass shards in hand," or "bleeding hand," aspect.

Bronze Rule

Anything can have aspects, skills, stunts, stress tracks, and consequences if you need it to.

Overall, the Bronze Rule is about how, to make it easier on tackling obstacles or impacting the world around the characters, components that make up a character can be applied to anything. A firearm might have a stress track for overuse to avoid melting it down by accident. A consequence can be applied to an environment to imply that it is sickened by a planar influence. There are a great deal of possibilities.

Game Creation Assumption

  • Number of Aspects: 5
  • Number of Phases: 3
  • Skill Cap: +5 (4/3 3/ 2 2 2/ 1 1 1 1)
  • Skill Progression: Pyramid
  • Refresh Rate: 3
  • Number of Initial Stunts: 3
  • Stress Tracks: Physical and Mental
  • Default Stress Box Count: 2
  • Default Consequence Slots: 2/4/6

  • Setting Aspects

    How it Works

    As a whole, both players and game master can invoke or compel the Florenic Worlds aspects. Only while a character is on a particular Florenic World can they invoke or compel those aspects.


  • Dangerous political games
  • Industrial-aged splendor
  • Duovia

  • Positive and Negative dichotomy
  • Strength to overcome the darkness
  • Florenic Worlds

  • Planar powers vie for influence
  • Under Kordgelle's watchful eye.
  • Faunerro

  • The naivety (or benevolence) of good
  • The horrors (or strength) of evil
  • Florenelle

  • The cost of fighting war
  • The horrors of the past

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    Rules of Play

    Florenic Discord


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