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Natalia Lacey

Mrs Natalia Lacey

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Natalia and her husband were injured while on Earth. They are rescued by a group of humans who take care of them and help them get better. Natalia and Alistair tell Lara and Jem stories about the kindness of these humans as they grow up.


Natalia used to work on Earth gathering information about Earth's history with his wife Natalia Lacey before the ban on mixing with humans was put in place, Dr Larn.   Natalia and her husband currently work on Seynia on organising and collecting both the history of Earth and Seynia.


Family Ties

Natalia is the wife of Alastair Lacey and mother of Lara Lacey and Jem Lacey. Natalia is thrilled when Lara officially adopts Ember Turner as her daughter making her, Ember's adoptive gran.
Current Location
Current Residence
Biological Sex

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