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Ember Turner

Ember Turner (a.k.a. Babybear)

At 8 years old Ember finally escapes from Midnight but does not get far collapsing in the surrounding Freedom Forest. Thankfully Lara Lacey, a young nurse, finds her and takes care of her injures.  
First came the lights dazzling and blinding,   Then came the noise,   So loud it was deafening,   The silence followed,     Heartbeat racing,   Blood pumping,   Adrenalin rush,   Dreams crushed,     Love ones stolen,   By a moment,   Broken ankle swollen,   Lives altered,     Hope forever gone,   Or so it would seem,   All she had left,   Was to dare to dream
  • Finding Hope
  • Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    Ember is covered in scars and bruises from her time spent Midnight's Medical Center. She wears long sleeved clothes to cover them as she is embarrassed by them and hates looking at them as they can cause her to have bad flashbacks.

    Identifying Characteristics

    • Freckles
    • Scars

    Physical quirks

    • Right handed

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Ember was born on the 7th of April 2010 to Theodore Turner and Eliza Turner. She grew up happily with them. Her mum, a teacher, taught her to read and write. Ember loved playing games and going out exploring with her parents. Sadly her parents died in a car crash when Ember is five. Ember is injured during this crash. Ember is taken by Midnight, who set up the car crash, to their medical centre due to her injuries from the crash. While there Ember is regularly abused and experimented on. Ember tries to escape many times. Ember eventually manages to escape though collapses from blood loss and exhaustion in Freedom Forest.


    Ember has never gone to a real school but she was taught to read and write by her mum before she died. Lara Lacey wants Ember to go to Shooting Stars Junior Academy once she is ready.

    Mental Trauma

    • Needles
    • Doctors
    • Hosptials
    • Medicine
    • Loud noises
    • Yelling
    • Being hit

    Intellectual Characteristics

    Ember is rather bright for her age and her mum Eliza Turner noticed this when she was only a toddler. Eliza taught Ember to read and write. By the time she was five years old she could write short sentences alone, though they weren't always spelt greatly they were understandable. After so much time in Midnight's Medical Center Dr Hailey Rays is surprised by how much Ember remembers and how good she is at counting.

    Personality Characteristics


    Dreams of being safe and loved

    Likes & Dislikes


    • Hugs
    • Cherry Trees
    • Clouds
    • Colouring in
    • Leo


    • Needles
    • Doctors
    • Hospitals
    • Medicine
    • Punishments
    • Being alone
    • Being bored

    Virtues & Personality perks

    Ember is helpful, caring and kind despite what has happened to her. She enjoys helping others.

    Vices & Personality flaws

    Due to being abused for the past 3 years Ember is paranoid, upset and frightened easily.


    Contacts & Relations

    Ember is good friends with Angel, Rain, Flame, Frost & Vanish after sharing a room with them a lot after experiments. She hates herself for leaving them behind.   Ember slowly finds herself trusting Lara Lacey and Hailey Rays. She relies on Hailey a lot more when her memories are changed and she no longer remembers Lara.

    Family Ties

    Ember was born on the 7th of April 2010 to Theodore Turner and Eliza Turner.   Sadly of Ember's parents died in the crash that broke her ankle and allowed Midnight to get custody of her.   Ember doesn't believe she has have any hope of having a family after her parents die. But she finds herself being adopted by Lara Lacey and she joins Lara's family.

    Religious Views

    Ember does not believe in God.


    Lara Lacey

    Adoptive Mum (Vital)

    Towards Ember Turner



    Ember Turner

    Adoptive Daughter (Vital)

    Towards Lara Lacey



    Nicknames & Petnames


    Relationship Reasoning

    Lara adopts Ember

    Commonalities & Shared Interests

    • Hugs
    • Helping people

    Wealth & Financial state

    Ember doesn't have any money of her own and doesn't know if her parents left her any but she doesn't really care about money anyway so this isn't really a problem for her.
    Current Location
    Year of Birth
    2010 8 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Both Theodore Turner and Eliza Turner wanted to have a child they just didn't expect her to be born so soon in their relationship.
    Current Residence
    Biological Sex
    Hazel brown
    Long reddish brown
    Short for her age
    Slightly under weight
    Known Languages
    Ember is a native speaker of English.

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