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Theodore Turner

Mr Theodore Turner

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Theodore met Eliza Turner while at collage. They fell in love and soon got married. After a while they had a baby girl, Ember Turner, who they loved and cherished. When Theodore gets a message from an old friend that Ember might be in danger they pack up and plan to meet up with Alastair Lacey whom has offered them someplace to hide until they know it is safe. However, Midnight somehow know about the change of plans and runs them off the road causing a car crash. Both Theodore and Eliza die in this crash.

Failures & Embarrassments

Theodore believes it is his fault that Ember was taken by Midnight and abused.

Personality Characteristics


Theodore just wants to protect his family.


Family Ties

Theodore was the husband of Eliza Turner and father of Ember Turner.
1988 2015 27 years old
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Theodore was a native speaker of English and was fluent in French.

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