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Alastair Lacey

Mr Alastair Lacey

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alistair some how knew Theodore Turner and offered to get him and his family to safety when they find out that Ember Turner is in danger.


Alastair used to work on Earth gathering information about Earth's history with his wife Natalia Lacey before the ban on mixing with humans was put in place.   They now both work somewhere in Notta sorting and gathering information about both Seynia and Earth's histories.

Mental Trauma

Alistair is rather upset when he hears that Theodore Turner and his family died in a car crash before he could get them to safety.   Later when finds out Ember Turner is still alive and exactly what she has been through he blames himself for not looking into the crash further.


Contacts & Relations

Alistair is good friends of Ren's father through work.

Family Ties

Alastair is the husband of Natalia Lacey and father of Lara Lacey and Jem Lacey. Alastair enjoys spending time with his family and is over the moon with joy when Lara adopts Ember Turner as her daughter making him, Ember's adoptive granfather.
Current Location
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Alistair is fluent in both English and French. He teaches both of his children, Lara Lacey and Jem Lacey, both languages from a young age.

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