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Hailey Rays

Doctor Hailey Rays

Physical Description

Body Features

Black markings - Normal for her species

Identifying Characteristics

Black markings - Normal for her species

Specialized Equipment

  • Go Tab

Mental characteristics


  • Primary School
  • High School
  • University


  • Volunteered as a befriender as a teen
  • Worked as a trainee doctor in Children's Mental Health

Personality Characteristics


Hailey dreams of helping as many kids as she can to have the best childhood possible.

Likes & Dislikes

Hailey Rays enjoys baking and cooking in her free time. She loves stars and knows all about the local constellations. Hailey likes to collect Crystals. Her favourite drink is Hot Chocolate.   Hailey really doesn't like Bullies.


Hailey likes things to be clean and tidy, especially in her kitchen where everything has a place.


Contacts & Relations

Hailey Rays has been good friends with Adam Bane since they were both little kids.   Hailey ends up having to take on Ember Turner and at first, struggles to get her to trust her. She decides to teach Ember about the stars. This leads them to form a bond and Hailey finds herself being followed around by Ember who is very attached to her.

Hobbies & Pets

Hailey currently doesn't have any pets.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
1990 28 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Known Languages
Hailey is a native speaker of English.

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