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Welcome to Faunerro

In its inception, the Kingdom of Ardentry was blessed by the celestial caels above. Peace and tranquility was the status quo for centuries. It unfortunately changed when fiends broke through and caused a massive and devastating incursion.

In the aftermath, the creatures may not have been sent back to Inferna but at least they are now far away from the kingdom. Now, Ardentry stands as the only civilization. If she falls, then caels save us all.

Florenic Worlds Member

Named after Florenelle, the Florenic Worlds are a broad inclusion of other settings that are loosely tied to each other as Kordgelle oversees them like a caretaker. As a result, core cosmic essentials like planar realms can be found at the Florenelle world page.

Here are some canon Florenic settings, though some have yet to still be developed. Florenelle is considered the core world due to it being the most developed.

Florenic World Summary
A binary world of positive and negative influence
A lone kingdom stands alone in a forgotten world
A world in a restored age after a terrible war destroyed so much