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Fall, 15 , 1213

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The world of Farth is an earth-like world with two moons. It is composed of three main landmasses and various islands in between.   The largest landmass is broken into three continents, Neilhelm, Ravakain, and Aria. It is among these lands that most of the common races reside. Where Neilhelm claims the most favorable climate and land.   The next largest landmass, Io, is home to dragons and their brethren. Primarily untamed and almost always in a constant state of war it is the most dangerous place on Farth.   The last of the large landmasses is called Berenike. Dominated by mountains and rich in ore, gnomes and dwarves have turned the land into a place of technological marvel.   Magic is common enough to be unsurprising to have, but rare enough that most people go weeks without seeing it or its affects. Follows standard D&D 5th edition rules with a couple of exceptions. Advanced clockwork technology and basic gun-smithing have recently surface with a few select individuals.


Welcome to Shanksville

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

You know it, you hate it.

Fight for Foraminis

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Save Foraminis from invaders.