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Welcome to Shanksville

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Farth
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Supporting Cast
  • Altathea Xiloscient
    Altathea is a half-elf with many tattoos of various animals. As part of the Shanksville city guard, Altathea is specifically in charge of the defense along the forest edge.
  • Araxsis
    A Githezerai Anarch who has been subjugated by a mysterious mistress. He seems to be pivotal in stabilizing his town and his death may mean the end of his people. The Guardians of Shanksville found the mysterious mistress, Deva, and killed her freeing him from his forced servitude.
  • Captain Edvard Fullglide
    Captain of the guard in Shanksville, born and raised there, Fullglide has only expressed a deep desire to protect his home. Handsome human male that is almost never seen without his full plate armor. He is quite strong but tends to be a bit clumsy, but tends to be very good with children.
  • Ivan Batteallerev
    Old bald human not very good looking, but in decent shape. Strong but doesn't know his own strength. Seen in the town of Shanksville often playing games with the children even while on duty.
  • Lieutenant Loyal
    Loyal is Fullglide's second in command of the Shanksville guard. As a middle-aged, purple tiefling, she has a strong desire to prove herself as nothing but loyal to the town of Shanksville. Rumored to be the best drinker in town.
  • Sylword Stronvil
    Young human male fairly good looking excepting a large scar running up from his chest to his neck. Very agile but a bit dull to talk to. Rumors say that he writes beautiful poems to the girls he likes.