The End of The Goddess Knights

Disaster / Destruction


The Goddess Knights and the Shades battle it out over the territory of Onford. The army is far stronger than expected and they decimate the Knight's forces. The Goddess Knights lose the battle and later are disbanded.   Deaths: Iori Ru'Had, Theo Winter Missing: Johan Forlorn

The Goddess Knights were stationed in small city called Onford, where an emergency base for the Knights is located. The Knights soon got word that Vahit was planning to seize the city and take it, so they prepared for battle, despite over all low moral.   Planning to intercept Vahit before he arrives to the city the Knights gathered on the battle field. Vahit arrived with a different man, with glowing yellow eyes, and confusingly also refered to him as "Malice". The two sides battled it out. Vahit's forces were unexpectedly strong with Malice on his team, and both the Knights and the Empress's guard were chewed through.   Jer and Iori were paired up, but when they got surrounded, Iori was knocked off a cliff. Jer used his powers to catch her, but another shade attacked him, causing him to drop Iori. Jer just barely avoided being poofed as he heads to where Sarah and Theo are.   Sarah and Theo were helping the guards protect the gate into the city when suddenly, a bunch of shades started fusing their bodies together, which had never been seen before. The Shades formed a giant monstrous shade that began wreaking havok at the gate. Sarah attempted to help Theo fight the best but Theo stopped her, insisting that she needed to stay back because of her pregnancy. The two argued as Sarah insisted she was perfectly capable of fighting. However in the midst of this argument Theo was grabbed by the monster and Sarah was slammed into the wall.   While still dazed from the attack, Sarah witnessed the monster crush Theo to death. This was the final straw that broke Sarah. Realizing the situation was hopeless, she surrendered and fled the battlefield.