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In the Hand of the Emperor

Oberrun, Cradle of the Empire, was the first established city by Emperor Prasus and is seen as the original unofficial capital before Evertar was established. Housed along the Iceshield River it is a hubbub of trade and commerce before travelers get to the grand capital of Evertar. The city itself houses a number of cathedrals and churches dedicated to the gods of the Empire, a middling sized Spell Clash Arena, as well as one of the larger Banks available outside of the capital.   The city itself is nestled in the hills while the Iceshield River flows around it from Lake Evertar to the north towards the outskirts of the territory. Built over the ashes of Yartar, Oberrun is recessed slightly into the ground due to the damage inflicted on the previous city by the ancient water titan Melpinoth as they had moved their way through the river systems inland at the time.


The city is surrounded its inner districts with a towering wall lined with watchtowers and gated doors at each entrance. The city is also home to a very large garrison of Empire soldiers led by the Watch Commander and Field Warden, Elena Rhassar. Also, at their call should the need arise, is a Taloned Reach outpost nestled in the heart of the city which had made an agreement to come to the cities aid in exchange for being the only guild able to contract hunts in the area.


Oberrun was once the site of the port city of Yartar, a seedy city where it was an open secret that it was governed not just by the Waterbaron but also by the local crime syndicate The Gentleman's Cane and their leader Vareetus Taft. It housed a sprawling sewer system that connected almost every building in the city as well as a large scale underground market known as the Shade Market. During it's time as Yartar the city had entered a state of unrest and quiet rumor that people were disappearing and reappearing elsewhere although no one knew the reasons why. After a short time the city was pushed into open war with the nearby Silverymoon after the Waterbaron was murdered in her quarters by a close, lifelong servant who disappeared soon afterwards and was never apprehended. As war raged between the two cities, Neverwinter stepped in to help the two powers settle and come to some kind of agreement, but tragedy struck once more when an attack on the meeting of the diplomats left the governments of the three powers reeling without leaders just as the Titans rose and began to wash across the land and seas.   After sometime the Calamity had subsided and the Titans put to rest, Oberrun was established from the ashes of Yartar by the newly self appointed Emperor. It became a focal point for the budding Empire and gathering place for refugees and armed forces alike under his banner. Eventually, the various settlements came under the Emperor and the new captial of Evertar was established to the north leaving Oberrun as the city of what once was. Over the years it has become a bustling trade city and docking point for airships heading into and out of the Empire because of its centralized location.


  • Map of Oberrun
Alternative Name(s)
Cradle of the Empire
Owning Organization
Prasus Empire

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