Liadon Family

The Liadon Family is a primarily eladrin family originating in the Feywild. Over the course of generations, they have distinguished themselves as accomplished Shiere Knights, serving Queen Titania and the Summer Court faithfully. Due to the magic of the Feywild, each child born to a Liadon mother is always a daughter, and each Liadon always has exactly two daughters.

The Liadon family posesses an ancestral Moonblade, which is currently held by Elama Liadon - making her the head of the family. While the origins of the Liadon Moonblade are unknown, it posesses five runes - indicating that Elama is the fifth wielder of the blade. By Liadon family tradition, upon the wielder's death, the Moonblade passes to the most worthy individual in the next generation of Liadons.
Family Leader


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