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The City Guard is the armed forces of the city of Waterdeep. The Guard patrols territory of Waterdeep outside the city walls, mans the walls themselves, acts as bodyguards or honor guards for dignitaries, and in times of crisis, forms the core of any Waterdhavian military force. The Guard also jointly operates the city gates with the City Watch. The Guard controls access, while the City Watch observes traffic, pursues fugitives, and escorts visitors.


The City Guard is headquartered in Castle Waterdeep, and is commanded by the Warden of Waterdeep. This title is usually held by the Open Lord, but as of 1491 DR, Open Lord Laeral Silverhand has given the title to Elminster Aumar to act as the Guard's commander. Below the Warden are a number of command positions, including the Seneschal of Castle Waterdeep, Defender of the Harbor, Master of the North Towers, and Master of the South Towers. During wartime, the positions of Lords' Hand and Lords' Champion are activated. Guard patrols are overseen by Aumarrs, equivalent in rank to the Senior Civilars of the City Watch. Individual patrols are led by Shieldlars (equivalent to Civilars), aided by an Armar. The bulk of the Guard are Privates, who rank equivalent to Watch Constables.
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