City Watch

The City Watch is the law enforcement of the city of Waterdeep. They are tasked with patrolling the city streets, protecting important people, investigating crimes, managing traffic and crowds, and apprehending criminals. The Watch is headquartered in the Palace of Waterdeep, and is led by the Commander of the Watch, who is appointed by the Masked Lords. Due to the strict codes of conduct placed upon the City Watch, it is known as one of the most just and fair guard forces outside of the paladin-state of Elturgard.

Due to the split in duties between the City Watch and City Guard, the Watch is armed with clubs instead of more lethal weapons, in order to better apprehend criminals alive. Typical constables wear leather or chain armor, and carry daggers or shortswords as backup weapons. Higher ranking Watch members, usually Senior Civilars and above, carry a badge of the watch - a magic item that improves their defenses and bears their rank.


The Commander of the Watch supervises three senior commanders: the Grand Civilar, who is responsible for the officers of the Watch; the Mage Civilar, who is responsible for the wizards of the Watch; and the Senior Armsmaster, who is responsible for the supplies and logistics of the Watch. Each ward of the city is then overseen by a Ward Civilar, who oversees the watch stations in their respective wards and reports to the Grand Civilar. The wards of the city have a number of guard posts throughout them, and each guard post is commanded by a Senior Civilar, who report to their ward's Ward Civilar. Senior Civilars are also the highest ranking Watch officers to regularly patrol the city and perform 'field' tasks. Under the command of Senior Civilars are Civilars, who head patrols around their respective wards. The Civilars are aided in their patrols by an Armar, equivalent to a sergeant, and a number of Constables, the lowest rank of the Watch.
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