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General informations on half-fairies.


Physical appearance of half-fairies in Faelmon

  Half-fairies in Faelmon usually share many traits with the fairies. They always have a short fur adorning skin like colors like the fairy. Their nails can be regular as they can be claw-like in appearance on both their hands and feet. They don't always have long hair like the fairies, showing much more diversity in lengths. Although, their hair will always have the color of metals such as copper, silver and gold. In no circumstances do they have wings, but they always have a tail almost as long as they are tall. They rarely have the ability to shrink down like fairies, but share the same heights as them, reaching easily 2 meters tall. Their lifespawn averages 100 years.    

The physical differences within half-fairies

  Half-fairies can be categorized like fairies do by their hair color, so they fall into three groups; copper half-fairies, silver half-fairies and gold half-fairies. Their hair colors seem to be a dominant trait coming from their fairy ancestry since some other traits can alter quite a lot depending on their parents.   For example, their eyes can be in hues of blue, brown or green. In some odd cases, they can have purple or pink eyes. It is uncertain why this can happen, but mages suspect it is the magic of fairies and elves flowing in their veins that make this occurring possible. Another variation they can have that fairies don't is their body fur. Instead of always being light toned, they have commonly been seen with darker colors. Thus, on some degrees, half-fairies are much colorful and varied than their pure race ancestors, the fairies.   Since they are partially fairies, they do not have a specific height according to their hair color. They can be as small as 150 centimeters tall or reach up to 2 meters tall. On average, they are 170 centimeters tall.    


  Half-fairies share the same ancestry as fairies and, depending on the parents, of humans or elves. Half-fairies have rich origins, spreading from many roots. Even if they are not always fertile, they do have some families who have many generations. It is believed that their fertility is not always a guarantee since the origins of fairies are quite different to those of humans and elves. Although, as generations come, the fertility issue seems to lessen as they become more compatible with other races.   By extension, half-fairies have common ancestors with nymphs and sometimes elementals.    

The powers of half-fairies

  The powers of half-fairies can range from none to a wide variety. Depending on their parents or their magic affinity, the combinations of possibilities are almost endless. Although, they rarely have the ability to shrink into a small size like fairies.   Thus, is it hard to pinpoint which kind of half-fairy will possess a specific power. Generally, the logic is as the same as for fairies, meaning those of copper will have an affinity with animals, those of silver with plants and the ones of gold, a bit of both.   For these reasons, half-fairies have been known to be able to do a bit of everything from the abilities of fairies, to elemental magic, healing magic and much more. Sadly, their magic seems to die within some of their individuals with no clear reasons. Ence why they are also known to be powerless.    

Culture of half-fairies

  With all their different backgrounds and origins, half-fairies' culture is probably one of the most odd in Faelmon. They have earned quite the reputation, often ending as the butt of the jokes. Fairies but not quite, magical but not quite, their own race but not quite... Being a half-fairy in Faelmon is not always easy. Thus, their culture represents how different they are, for better and worse.   Half-fairies are not bound as much to the fairy culture as one might imagine. It is true some of them will fully embrace it while the majority of them will reject it. Those living under the fairy culture often had a fairy parent. In order to set their place in Faelmon, half-fairies love to learn as many languages as possible. They want to prove they are more than half a species. They will also spend a lot of time learning about the different cultures of Faelmon to wider their horizons. Despite the lack of acceptance towards them, they are known to be open people with a large heart. They might be seen as some lowlife, but they are always happy to help someone in need.   They are not hard on themselves like fairies do. They usually don't care about short hair or scars. They don't see the point in always appearing flawless. If they are to get a scar, they will make sure to have an epic story to come with it so they can wear it with pride. Even if it is not always true. They have been seen showing admiration to other races, even fairies, about their scars. Thus, they started to change the minds of a few fairies, but just enough to start a slow ave of change. Half-fairies have seen first hand how the idea of purity and perfection is destructive to an individual, to families and even communities.   In their rejection of fairy culture, they reject arranged weddings. One shall be free to pursue their real love and not be forced into a relationship that revolt them. They see arranged weddings as another to infantilize individuals and distrust one's judgment. For this, half-fairies have been known to help out promised out of weddings so they can unite with their true love. Something seen as charitable in many races, but not so much with fairies.   To add on how odd half-fairies are, they have proven to be quite the open minded people. Maybe too much in the views of many. Ence why they are not look upon so greatly. Half-fairies have a reputation to befriend demons of many kinds, making them traitors to the view of all, mostly to demon hunters. It is said, by some bad tongues, that ''To allow and half-fairy to be your friend, is to allow demons to approach you.'' Half-fairies will tell you that there is much more than meet the eyes, but the with the words of demon hunters against them, it is hard for them to make a compelling case.   Strangely enough, despite what reported above, half-fairies commonly join the demon hunters. They do not avoid battles as much as fairies and they understand the necessities of war in some situation. Even if they would love to talk things out, they understand it is not always possible. Not everyone or everything can be reasoned with. They will make sure you remember it.    

The hiearchy of half-fairies

  They don't have a defined hiearchy as the fairies and try to not bring that up onto themselves. They don't see the use to classifiy themselves on their hair colors, their origins, their magic, etc. They know they are not seen highly, quite the contrary, but they do not let it define them. They might be seen as inferiors to many, but to them, they see themselves as equal living beings.   Although, some half-fairies will partake in traditionnal fairy culture, thus they see themselves as the lowest in the hiearchy scale. They tend to do everything that is asked of them and have little self love as they are imperfect and impure... They believe their presence is a mistake.    

Informations on half-fairies for DnD 5e

Half-fairies names
Half-fairies use either fairy, human or elven naming conventions. They do no seem to have a preference for any of the naming systems as they love to give a meaningful name as much as a good sounding name. But that doesn't mean they love to use or give long name. A short an effective one is prefered. Also, they might not have a clan name, nor family name.   Male names: Wismlo, Ravvren, Toshiro, Galthir, Stephen, Rolfe, Elliot, Korin, Toki, Pol   Female names: Titily, Veneti, Mety, Lola, Nora, June, Ruru, Flora, Phira, Akechi    
Ability score increase
Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and two other ability scores of your choice incresease by 1.  
Half-fairies are fully mature at 21, but can be considered as adult at 17. On average, they live about 100 years.  
Half-fairies appear to be neutral or chaotic in nature, but they will always do what they believe to be the right thing for themselves or those around them.  
Half-fairies, on average, can be 167 to 190 centimeters tall. Your size is medium.  
Your base speed 30 feet.  
You can speak, read and write Common and two extra languages of your choice.  
Half-Fairy resourcefulness
You gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.  
Fairy ancestry
As a descendant of a fairy, you can inherit a few of their abilities. If you have golden hair, you know the dancing lights cantrip. If you have silver hair, you know the druidcraft cantrip. If you have copper hair, you know the vicious mockery cantrip.


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I love the contrast between their open-minded culture and the traditions of the pure-blooded fairies! You did a great job explaining why they developed this different mindset, how they are ready to show others the kind of acceptance that they don't get themselves. Their complex relationship with demons is interesting, too - I admire that they are willing to see the individual rather than the species, but are not so naive that they wouldn't hunt truly dangerous individuals.

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