It is only under the rule of one prince that the parts of humanity are well adapted to their whole... therefore it is only by being under one princedom, or the rule of one Prince, that humanity as a whole is well adapted to the Universe, or its Prince, who is the One God. And it therefore follows that Monarchy is necessary for the welfare of the world. Dante Alighieri, On Monarchy (1313)
  The title given to a monarch. Some female monarchs use the title - a notable example is King Tamar of Georgia - while others use the title queen.   King is the highest rank in the feudal order, and the only person who is considered to own sovereign title to land in the feudal system.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Your Grace
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
Conquest or bloodline (occasionally elected or chosen from within a bloodline)
Length of Term


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