Novir, the 25th of Mwoni, Year 437, PA V

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While no one knows the true origin of Exodus, it lies at the center of a massive planar sphere. Composed of many continents, most unexplored, Exodus is home to many mythological wonders and fantasy races. In what is described as the heart of Exodus, lies three major continent.   Dol'Nivia, a continent plagued by magical beings grasping for power and a racial war that has permeated across the eras. This, however, does take away for magical wonders of its lands. Chalk full of monsters, mysteries, and treasure, the lands of Dol'Nivia are a lure for many adventurers.   The continent of Agathar is of unknown origin. Some say it just appeared out of the ethereal plane, whilst others believe that explorers just never venture that far south. Whichever story holds true, Agathar, located underneath Dol'Nivia, is home to things beyond people's wildest dreams. Ruled by the Seven Kingdoms of Man, it has seen its fair share of conflict. However, Agathar leaves room for many mysteries to be unlocked and stories to be told.   Far to the West, beyond the Aqarian Ocean, lies a continent known to very few. While it appears on most maps of Exodus' heart, the actual scale of this continent spans far beyond it's map borders. Within these lands lie strange, unique creatures and races, as well as the promise of treasure and fortune should anyone bare journey into its unforgiving landscapes.   Exodus is much more than the sum of its parts and is only the centerpiece in a picture that spans across time and space. Exodus has much mysteries and wonders to be explore, so the question is: once you know the truth, will you be able to handle it?