Evras, Planet

Evras is the fourth planet from Ilyia, the light bringer, she is the first planet to contain life, there are suspicions they're not alone, but there has not been contact with her sister planet, Revia. Neither planet has reached the technological capability to bridge the distance between them.   Evras is tilted on her axis at 25° enabling seasons. Also the gravitational interaction between both moons causing tidal forces. Although there will be more information in the geographical data, in brief, Evras experiences several tidal sections with the highest tides appearing during dual full moon phases with shifting tidal forces during the cycles of both moons. Evras is the bigger of the two habitable planets in the system, but slightly less dense than Revia. Other astrononmical forces act on Evras and can be found in Solar System Information.        

Mythic Intrepretations

  Evras began during the The Great Shattering, when Ilyia broke through to this world and shone her beacon in the The Void Sea. She beckoned to those lost sailing in the darkness and brought them into her safe harbour. Evras brother moons, younger siblings to Ilyia that cross the sky and keep her company on her journey through the Void.

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Orbital characteristics*

  • Aphelion: 2.0592
  • Perihelion: 1.9408
  • Semi-major axis: 2
  • Eccentricity: 0.0296
  • Orbital period: 873.09
  • Orbital Velocity: 1.3416
  • Inclination: 0° to the Sun's equator
  • Longitude of ascending node: 0°
  • Argument of Periapsis: Undefined
  • Axial Tilt: 25°
  • Atmospheric Pressure @ Sea level:1.65
  • Atmospheric Composition: O2 24.2% N2 74.1% CO2 0.6% Ar 1.05% with various trace elements.    

Two Moons currently orbit Evras


Outer Moon

  • ge: 0.03248
  • pe: 0.0812
  • Pe:0.65
  • Re: 0.5
  • distance: 116
  • Prograde
  • Ie: 0°
  • ee: 0.02
  • Orbital Period: 48.11

Inner Moon

  • ge: 0.31
  • pe: 0.0775
  • Pe:0.702
  • Re: 0.5
  • distance: 90
  • Prograde
  • Ie: 2°
  • ee: 0.01
  • Orbital Period: 32.907


Author's Notes

All values in sidebar given in earth equivalencies.

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