42th year of the Briar Cycle

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Old Gods once stalked the world, carving, bending, moulding it to suit their desires as they dallied and warred across the plains and oceans of Evras.   Millienna have past, the gods are no more than a vague memory. The people of Evras live and carve an existance out of the ruins of forgotten giants. Towering structures, massive expansions, Doom engines and the wasted remains of wars that scarred the grounds where they were fought, cursing them with blight that lasts to present day.   Two continents survive, the people shaping their lives around the meagre dregs of magic left over by the fading gods. But things are about to change. Magic is hidden in places long forgotten and there are those out there looking to snatch power from the few souls who possess it by all means necessary.


Table of Contents

  • The Physical World
    • Mountains, Forests, and Other Natural Landscapes
    • Oceans and Other Bodies of Water
    • Flora
      • Common Flora
      • Rare Flora
      • Magical Flora
    • Fauna
      • Common Fauna
      • Rare Fauna
      • Magical Fauna
  • Locations
    • Countries
      • Lorais
        • Political Structures
      • Kelvras
    • Natural Wonders and Formations
  • Races

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  • Map of Evras World Map

    Overview of the World of Evras, the only surviving land mass