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Aruinnbith Roadmap: Where am I going?

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@ David_Ulph
David Alexander
29 Mar, 2019 10:47

Thanks for the favourite mate!

23 Mar, 2019 22:21

Thank you for giving my article a like!

24 Mar, 2019 05:05

You're welcome, I really emjoyed it :D

1 Feb, 2019 00:47

thank you for the follow! <3

1 Feb, 2019 00:56

Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing where you take your stuff, looks really interesting :D


Interests & Hobbies

writing, worldbuilding, knitting, spinning, painting, drawing, weaving, hand dyeing fibre and yarn, sewing,

Favorite Movies

LOTR, the Hobbit, Harry Potter, Princess Bride, Captain America, The Black Panther,

Favorite TV Series

Black Sails, Ancient Magus Bride, FMA, FMA Brotherhood, Altered Carbon

Favorite Books

Dresden Files, Jane Eyre, Tigana, Darkover Landfall, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Favorite Writers

Guy Gavriel Kay, Tanya Huff, Christopher Moore, Mary Robinette Kowal, Douglas Adams,

Favorite Games

Dragon Age, Skyrim, Civilization VI, Lego LOTR, Lego Marvel, Lego Hobbit

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