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Piper Tamberdown

Piper Tamberdown is a Female Half-Elf River Barge Captain Born in the West Landing District of Dunland. Piper is 23 years of age. Born to Eagan Tamberdown a human father, with Lissa Nightree and a wood elf ranger from Riverden her mother. Piper Grew up under mostly the care of her father a knowledgable River barge Captain. Piper's Mother served the King's Army as a scout and was often away on duty for the king, her independent nature and obligations of duty pretty much kept her from being around as much of a mother so pretty much most of her life Piper has only seen her mother perhaps six to twelve times in any given year.   Piper now 23 years old captains her own boat as part of her father's river barge company she has even earned some reputation in the Bargeman's Guild of Dunland. A Capable Bargewoman herself she knows the Frostrill and Rivenscar Rivers well as far north as Frad's Mill and as far south as Two Rivers although she has taken her barge to the sea on a couple occasions to Rivengar and in the Duchy of Rymar.   Piper is known for establishing her authority while hiring her barge services right off by saying something like,   "You Paid for a destination, not entertainment or a romantic evening cruise. As soon as we leave the shore you follow my word or I drop you off at the next eddy or push you over the side got that?"   Piper is an Attractive woman and very fit capable of taking care of herself, and perhaps a little stubborn and independent like her mother she has proudly pushed off and even overboard many male suitors in the recent past not finding many of them particularly attractive to her.
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