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This World has been created by Chris Burson

Aka: CraftyDm

  KO-FI PAGE: https://ko-fi.com/craftydm     BLOG PAGE: https://www.thecraftydm.com/

A Fantasy Adventure Setting intended to be (RPG System Agnostic)

So it can be utilized with Any Fantasy RPG Game system.
As a fellow Game Master, my goal was to provide enough lore and information so that you could get to playing and use this setting of Evermyst right away. Remember you as the Game Master along with your players determines the actual fate and lore within this world so feel free to make it your own and to fit how you see it. Build on any foundation I have put forth here in this World Anvil site Known as Evermyst or replace it with your own but most of all have fun that is what Fantasy RPG games are about.